Argan Oil Curl Cream Embrace Your Afro, Curly, Kinky Or Wavy Hair


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Argan Oil Curl Cream

Discover soft and nourished curls with the Natural Leave-In Conditioning Cream.

This Argan Oil Curl Cream intensive treatment absorbs deeply into the hair shaft to condition and hydrate, leaving your hair feeling manageable. Embrace your naturally curly, kinky, or wavy hair to strengthen and protect. The brand’s signature Shea butter formula helps to prevent damage and retain moisture.

Uses six nourishing oils to help hair retain moisture while making styling easy. Conditions, retain moisture and promote growth.

1. Argan Oil Curl Cream Gives long-lasting bounce to curls and shine and definition to spirals and coils.

2.No Sulfates,Parabens,Petrolatum Or Mineral Oil.

3. Eco-friendly, Sulfate-free, Paraben-free, No Mineral Oil, No Petrolatum. Finally, you can enjoy a curl pudding that’s lightweight, smells great, and won’t flake or cake up on hair &scalp. Gives an amazing definition to curls, waves, coils, twists, braid out, and afro puffs, so that you can enjoy soft Super lightweight, and nongreasy.

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argan oil curl cream
argan oil curl cream
argan oil curl cream
argan oil curl cream
argan oil curl cream
argan oil curl cream
argan oil curl cream
argan oil curl cream
argan oil curl cream
argan oil curl cream

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10 reviews for Argan Oil Curl Cream Embrace Your Afro, Curly, Kinky Or Wavy Hair

  1. stefanie couch

    I have red frizzy hair the type of thick that sprains your thump when brushing on bad days when i have those days I glomp cantu in my hair roots and all for a few hours in a shower cap sometimes maybe over night wash it out n my hair is soft for like the next weak I haven’t tried the curls one yet but I love cantu I’m sure itl work as good as what i can’t find in Wal-Mart anymore so Ty amazon

  2. Des U.

    I like the luster and shine, it defines my curls really well but it doesn’t stop the frizz and if I disturb my curls in any way it’ll look like I did nothing to it with the product in.

  3. Raychelle Tunstalle

    I used a little of this when I was traveling with a friend and had to go out and buy my own jar. I use this after washing and conditioning to style my natural type 4 hair. The scent is AMAZING! I literally can’t stop smelling it the next few days after using. It leaves my hair soft, moisturized and healthy looking. I was really surprised at how well it works considering the price and I would highly recommend for juicy, beautiful twist outs.

  4. Phillyb5210

    This is the best hair product I’ve ever used. It just happens to be the least expensive also. For years I’ve been trying to get it under control and I always end up cutting it Off. I used the cream before I went to sleep and when I woke it was curly. Usually it’s just a frizzy mess. This is the kind of product if you’re lucky enough to find it, you never want to be without it. Plus, coconut is my favorite scent.

  5. Jamie L. Gifford

    This stuff is amazing!! Curls my hair into defined ringlets immediately. I’m sort of a new natural so I’ve struggled to find the right products that work on my hair. I’m soooo glad I discovered this curl cream because it works perfectly with my hair. Smells great, works great and is priced great (especially compared to other creams that claim to do the same but not as good).

  6. Jess Melcher

    I have naturally curly hair (I’m Caucasian) and this does a great job of taming the frizz and defining curls.
    I do suggest applying to towel dried hair and brushing thru (damp hair) for best results.

  7. Cristin

    Perfect for natural curly hair. I use to use at least 4 different gel and hair creams. Now all I use is this. Less frizz, better hair growth as well… also seems to be hydrating and nourishing. I’m so glad a friend of mine recommended this.

  8. smile4life

    Works well on tight, dry damaged curly hair. I am try to grow back healthier hair that was damaged through coloring and heat. Absolutely love how it helps control the curl in my hair. The straight damaged parts even look better. I tried the leave in but found that it worked better in my child’s softer hair. Goodbye gel and mousse. Recommended.

  9. Sharon Barber

    You have to try it! I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time! I put it in my hair while it’s still wet and go to bed with it in. In the morning I literally wouldn’t have to touch my hair… It’s already perfect as is! Wow! But I have found it styles even better to put a little bit more in after my hair is dry. It keeps the frizz down, and defines my curls! It smells so good! It leaves my hair soft and shiny and light! I’ve had compliments! I walk through the mall and people literally stop me or yell across the walkway…Commenting on how beautiful my hair is!

  10. michael

    I have natural curly hair and this brings out the best in my curls! I put on damp hair and scrunch with my diffuser. Curls are defined and not frizzy. I also put on my dry curls the day after to revitalize my curls. Oh, and the smell is heavenly if you like coconut:) It doesn’t leave my hair sticky either.

    I have to also praise the Amazon Customer Service department for helping me with this product. Here’s what happened: My cream arrived in a box with 2 blender bottles and a plastic water bottle. All products were in the box without any air pillows or padding to keep them from running into eachother in the shipping process. The lid on my hair cream was broken and and cracked, allowing for some cream to escape. I called customer service to tell them about my broken lid. She was very apologetic and told me she would send me a replacement. I asked her to have them package it better so it wouldn’t happen again. I called her on a Friday and she had the cream expedited and it arrived on Monday without any additional cost to me. The cream was packaged well and arrived safe and sound. THANK YOU CUSTOMER SERVICE!

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Argan Oil Curl Cream Embrace Your Afro, Curly, Kinky Or Wavy Hair


98 in stock