Organic Wax Beard Balm For Men Beard Softening And Non-greasy Anti-itching


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  • Say goodbye to your itchy beard
  • BALM PROPERTIES Our Balm Allows you to retain the perks of the Beard Oil, but to also tame, shape, and hold the beard in place, perfect for long beards
  • Softens Coarse and Rogue Hairs
  • Help soften, condition, dry splitting hairs, and nourish new growth
  • No mineral oils, No drying alcohols, and no Parabens
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Beard Balm

Blended with locally harvested beeswax and a host of organic oils and butters to give your beard a nice shine, control, and condition while helping to eliminate the crazy rogue beard hairs.

Beard balm: Softens Beard Hair. Creates Thicker Appearance.
★ Benefits: Use to Deep Condition, Style, Protect, and add a Fuller Appearance.
★ natural wax keeps those pesky whiskers in place for a smooth hold that won’t leave your face shrubbery feeling sticky or clumpy.

100% Pure & Natural: brand new and high quality. Lightweight and portable. Durable and practical. drape smoothly For Hair Type. Sweet orange taste. Suitable for all types of beard.

Gentleman’s Beard balm: Natural ingredients, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil, Handmade products, strict production process. Very safe for your beard care.

Benefits: Natural Ingredients, Keeping your hair conditioned, smooth and soft. It helps keep follicles moist, promoting growth from the inside out. Use it frequently and see your beard strengthen and your hair growth boost. Get rid of its coarse texture and improve your appearance.

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10 reviews for Organic Wax Beard Balm For Men Beard Softening And Non-greasy Anti-itching

  1. Rob Weaver

    Really enjoy the product. I don’t like a sticky beard balm, and this brand provides some firmness but still feels natural. Doesn’t have an overpowering odor either like some brands. Good value for the variety pack that I got.

  2. Traci Seng

    I’d never used balm before. Oils don’t seem to spread around too well so i had to use a lot. This balm has the consistency of vaseline only more solid at room temperature. It Readily softens to the touch so i can still use it when its frozen in my truck. The smell is authentic and not complicated with other flowers and soapy crap. Your like, “Pine?”… sniff… “Yep, Pine” Its a great way to try their flavors and there is plenty in these four tubs to get you through a few months. And the small tubs are convieniant to say… keep in your truck. Totally worth it.

  3. Katie J. Jurney

    I purchased this sample set for my husband to care for his super manly beard. Now that he’s had a chance to give them a try he really likes that the product is all natural. He says he appreciates that the balm is not sticky or gummy. When rubbed into his hands before application, it liquifies a bit for a smooth application.

    Now to the MOST important part…. I love they way they smell. Manly man smells that aren’t overpowering.

  4. Wulffy

    Like these a lot.

    Personally I love the sage as well as pine scents. Sandlewood is also nice. Bay rum was meh. But that is, of course, subjective.

    I find the consistency to be about halfway between what I would normally consider beard butter and beard balm. Which actually kind of works out as you get positives from both worlds. But if you’re looking for a straight up balm you may find this falls a bit short of expectations.

    In terms of hold, I find it makes the beard more manageable but seems to offer only a little hold. Great if you aren’t looking for a ton of hold, not so great if you are. What it lacks in hold though it makes up for in conditioning and manageability. Both of which I found the be excellent.

    So all in all, I like these a lot and will likely be picking up some of the full sized tins in the scents I preferred.

  5. TiMonte

    The trial variety pack gave me a good idea of the quality of the balm. The scents are a little too subtle for my liking but I like mine more on the stronger side so I think this would be great for the average consumer. It doesnt quite leave my beard as soft as I would like or as soft as other balms I have used in the past but it still does an amazing job (4 of 5 on softness). I highly recommend giving these products a try. I will continue to use it for a while. So far the Bay Rum scent is my favorite. Also, this is a pretty good gift idea for anyone with a beard.

  6. Dimitri Young

    I’ve grown a beard, off and on, for 50 years. This one I’ve had for at least 10 years. The old whisker where looking mighty sad and scragally. I don’t know if that’s a word but it fit the description. I ponied over the bucks for the kit. Its complete. Best beard brush I’ve ever used. The scissors are quality. The beard balm and oil is the best part. It put life into these old whiskers. I then bought the 4 pack of fragrance beard balm. The smells are subtle and very pleasant. I like the cedar and pine. So if your old whiskers are looking a little tired and need a little freshen up

  7. Opie

    I enjoyed all the scents. The Bay Rum smells like Atomic Fireball candies which is fun. The Cedar and Pine scent smells much like Dove soap for some reason, so if you want that “clean” smell, well, there ya go. The Sandalwood was my favorite with a rich soft earthy flavor while the “sophisticated” sharp scent of Cleary Sage was a close second. This is a great variety pack to have fun with and try out. The product itself feels smooth (not greasy). Once applied, you don’t even know it’s there. It really protects the skin from drying out. The small sample tins are small and easily stash in a pocket to take on the go. You will need a magnifying glass to read the product information on the back though as it’s so tiny!

  8. Jeff Crandall

    Hoped that this would increase softness, help the hairs to align and lay down, and smell nice. It did seem to increase softness. I didn’t really like the greasy feeling on my face, though. I tried using very little and then it didn’t seem to do much in terms of softness and I still had a mildly greasy feeling. It did not seem to make any difference with styling. I tried using a little and a LOT and then smoothing it down, combing through it, etc. It couldn’t really tell that it laid down any better. Last, I was looking forward to the scents and might use the product just for that. I was already not impressed with Sandalwood from the two-pack I bought. Pine and Cedar smelled nothing at all like pine or cedar which was a shame. The Clary Sage smells dusty and the Bay Rum is just odd. I’m not usually difficult to please on scents and I have a very good sense of smell. Anyway, fairly disappointing. But it maybe it works better for others.

  9. Jon Linville

    I received this the other day, to compliment my Viking beard oils. The scents they have are pleasing, especially for the long mustache I have…I mean, the thing sits right under my nose, so anything I use has to have a pleasant scent.

    Anyway, the product works as advertised, and has aided me in my morning facial hair care routine. It stays soft through the day, and keeps the hairs controlled and where I want them to be, instead of looking like I’m a survivor of a botched electrocution.

    Seriously, if you use this brand’s beard oil, get the matching scented beard balm. You won’t have two scents battling it out over which one you smell.

  10. Richard W

    I have tried many beard balms and this is the smoothest of all of the products I have tried. Just a few rubs in the palm and it is soft and smooth. I have tried others that do no emulsify so easily and have found pieces of the balm in my beard. Not with this product! So smooth. It has very nice hold and softens my beard extremely well. The fragrance is wonderful for each of the balms. It is very “soft” and not overwhelming. I did find it fades pretty quickly, but that is fine. I like the initial fragrance when I am getting ready in the morning and then to have it fade so it is not the only thing I can smell all day! Get the sampler and find your favorite fragrance! All the balms have the same smoothness and hold. The after sale follow-up is amazing! These guys love their product and want you to as well. I do! Thank you Beau and Viking Revolution!

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Organic Wax Beard Balm For Men Beard Softening And Non-greasy Anti-itching

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