2022 Amazon Bestsellers Apply to leave in conditioner for 4c hair Review

2022 Amazon Bestsellers Apply to leave in conditioner for 4c hair Review

A good leave in conditioner can do wonders for your hair. Leave in conditioner keeps your hair smooth, prevents dryness, split ends, and breakage, and guarantees healthy hair growth.

However, if your 4c hair is dry and brittle, with frequent breakage and split ends, keeping frizzy hair moisturized can be difficult, a woe for many.

Cantik reminds you that it is imperative to add leave in conditioner to your hair or choose a product suitable for your 4c hair.

Although there is no way to figure out all these things at first, that’s okay. Cantik decided to help every reader, follow us and you will know the best leave in conditioner for 4c hair.

What is leave in conditioner?

After washing your hair and using conditioner and rinsing with water, the next thing you should apply to your hair is leave it conditioner. Unlike regular conditioner use, which needs to be applied and waited for a few minutes to wash off, leave in conditioner stays in the hair until the next wash.

Leave in conditioner helps to replenish nutrients to your 4C hair, add moisture and lock moisture in your hair, it softens your hair and makes your hair easier to manage and style.

leave in conditioner nourishes and hydrates hair. They smooth out knotted hair and make it easier to break up knots.

All hair needs careful care for the shiniest, healthiest hair. Even more so for 4c hair.

Although our scalp produces natural oils to keep our hair strong, shiny, and elastic, because the hair is too long, broken, or frizzy will prevent these oils from reaching the ends of the hair. At this time, a leave in conditioner is needed to help Hair, penetrates essential oils and nutrients into the hair to keep it healthy and avoid hair problems.

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How to care for 4C hair?

Cantik is often asked how to maintain 4c hair. Actually, it’s not much different from taking care of your own 4c hair!

Like other curly hair types, 4c hair has different levels of density.

  • 4c Hair does not retain moisture easily and can dry out easily.
  • 4c hair shrinks easily.
  • 4c Hair gets tangled easily.
  • 4c has finer hair and is more prone to breakage.

What is the best way to care for 4c hair?

4C hair wash

It’s important to keep your hair and scalp clean and don’t use shampoos that contain sulfates.

Keep hair hydrated

4c hair cannot retain moisture, so 4c hair needs to retain moisture. 4c hair keeps sebum from flowing through your hair, so you need a leave in conditioner for 4c hair.

It is not enough to add moisture and nutrients to your hair, you also need to lock in this moisture and nutrients, you need to use coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil, vitamin E, etc. to lock the hair moisture. Not only will it lock in the moisture of the hair, but it can also prevent external pollutants from causing damage to the hair.

Regularly brush the 4Cs of hair

4c Hair needs regular grooming, it has a tightly curled shape and is more prone to tangles and breakages, split ends, etc. than other types of hair.

Combing 4c hair requires very gentle movements. Cantik does not recommend combing hair directly. Instead, first, clean the hair with water to remove excess deposits. If you use leave in conditioner together, it can provide more lubrication for 4C hair.

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Intensive care

4c Hair conditioning is key! Cantik recommends that you treat your hair once a week, a common practice is to first wash your hair with a shampoo without any additives, dandruff, then massage your hair with a conditioner, rinse it off, use a leave in conditioner, and finally give your hair Take a hot sauna.

Use these nutrient-rich oils like castor oil, argan oil, and jojoba oil on your hair to heat up your hair to absorb the nutrients more quickly and efficiently.

Learn about ingredients in hair care products

Hair products in the market vary in ingredients and not all hair products are suitable for 4c hair.

Other than that, avoid shampoos that contain sulfates and conditioners that contain silicones. Also, stay away from leave-in conditioners that contain alcohol and mineral oil.

These artificially added ingredients will only damage your 4c hair, we should use 100% natural and organic shampoo and conditioner.

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