2022 Amazon Bestsellers barber shaving gel Review

2022 Amazon Bestsellers barber shaving gel Review

Men have been shaving since ancient times, and the history of shaving has been thousands of years, so we think that we have mastered the art of shaving, which is not the case.

Many people face various problems when shaving their beards: unclean shave, bleeding, scratches, etc. Therefore, beard products such as shaving creams, gels, and foams have emerged to help smoothen beards.

At Cantikcosmetic we are promoting barber shaving gel. What does barber shaving gel do and how to use it, read on to learn more about the best men’s shaving gels.

Are you worried about the long and thick beard, or because it grows too fast and you need to shave every day because shaving is often painful to shave the skin? We share this article with our readers to help men with smoother beard care.

We expect you to enjoy a smooth shave and feel good about yourself in the mirror.

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Slow and steady

When you try barber shaving gel for the first time, it’s usually a bit slower, giving yourself more time to get used to the shaving process, and you won’t speed up until you feel like you’ve got the hang of it.

We recommend that you wash your beard with beard shampoo first, which will wash away excess oil, buildup, and dust, and secondly, warm water to soften the beard and skin, which will help you shave better.

Shaving is a very stress-relieving process. When you watch your beard shrink a little bit, your inner tension gradually disappears. Please make sure that the shaver is close to the skin, and it is slow and gentle, let yourself relax.

Shaving tool

For people who take shaving as a pleasure and art, their shaving tools may be many and professional, but most people don’t need to buy so many, because they don’t need them, you just need to buy what you can and use it A habitual tool will do.


Skin must be handled with care. Certain areas of your shaving routine require extra care and attention, such as those hard to reach with a razor. When you feel uncomfortable shaving, stop and go around here. Try it again after a while until you find the best way to do all the shaving.

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What does barber shaving gel do?

barber shaving gel is to protect your skin from razor damage. Without protection, using a razor directly on your skin can do a lot of damage to your skin.

The barber shaving gel creates a lubricant on the skin that allows your razor to glide more smoothly across your face, which helps prevent scratching and keeps your skin free from irritation.

Do you need barber shaving gel to shave?

There are many benefits to using barber shaving gel, it not only helps you get a smooth shave:


The barber shaving gel helps the razor glide smoothly over your face and prevents skin irritation.


We usually feel dry skin after shaving, shaving with barber shaving gel will usually provide adequate moisture to the beard and the skin underneath, giving the skin good hydration.

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When you use barber shaving gel, your skin will feel soothed and refreshed. If you shave straight, your skin will feel hot and even sore.

barber shaving gel, shaving cream, or foam

There are still some differences between the three products. They are designed for different people.

What is shaving foam?

Shaving foam, usually in a can, extruded foam, applied directly to the skin and shaving, but it may contain alcohol, you will feel good when you use it, smell the alcohol, but after shaving, the skin will dry out, making the skin feel tight.

What is shaving gel?

Shaving gel is a clear semi-thick liquid suitable for people with sensitive skin. It is lubricating and helps prevent cuts and scratches.

What is shaving cream?

Shaving cream tends to be thicker than gels and foams, it can be solid, and you can think of it as a solidified animal oil that hydrates and protects the skin.

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