2022 Amazon Bestsellers Beard Oil and Beard Cream Review

2022 Amazon Bestsellers Beard Oil and Beard Cream Review

In order to have a satisfactory beard, you have to use a razor to trim the beard for more than a month, but you find that after a period of time, your beard shape is out of control, and the beard starts to become frizzy and dandruff. and itching.

You might even want to shave it off and start growing your beard all over again, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered and you won’t have to do it again because Beard Oil & Beard Balm is here.

Cantik’s amazing Beard Oil & Beard Balm is designed to help your beard look better, we’ve put together a quick little guide on how to use and apply Beard Oil & Beard Balm.

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Beard Oil & Beard Balm which do I use first?

If you want to fully understand how to use Beard Oil & Beard Balm, then read on with me.

Whether you have a mustache or a full beard, the first product you should have is beard oil.

When applied to the beard and the skin below, the essential oil is absorbed by the beard and skin, hydrating the face and beard, preventing itching and dandruff. If you have a beard, applying beard oil once a day can make your beard thick and shiny, and keep it away from itching and dandruff.

How much Beard Oil & Beard Balm do I use?

There is no set amount for this, as how much to use only depends on the length, volume, and thickness of your beard. Everyone’s beard is different, so there is no clear standard.

If this is your first time, Cantik can provide you with some standards, you can put 3-5 drops of beard oil into the palm of your hand and apply it to your beard and the skin underneath. Or use your fingers to scoop out a fingertip-sized amount of beard cream and apply it to your beard. Is it very simple, yes, don’t take it too complicated?

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How to apply beard oil?

Keep in mind that this is not fixed and no one can provide a method and be the rule we all follow, but Cantik does have some pretty standard app tips for you guys, our purpose is just to help your beard and hair follicles can be cared for.

Apply beard oil

Don’t forget, the best time to apply beard oil is: take a hot shower at night, so that your skin and beard can be completely relaxed, when the excess oil and dust on the skin are cleaned, then drop the beard oil. On the palm of your hand, rub your hands together.

Don’t avoid your fingers, when your palms and fingers are all covered with beard oil, go through your beard and touch your skin, apply it on the beard in an even way, and massage the skin gently to allow the skin to Hair follicles are relaxed. You can also use beard oil if you’re going out.

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How to apply beard cream?

Scoop out a bean-sized beard paste with your fingers, rub it in the palm of your hand, and heat the beard paste with body temperature until the beard paste becomes soft. Then apply it to the beard and you can style the beard into the shape you want. You can do it with your fingers or with a comb, it’s not fixed. There is absolutely no problem in using the beard balm before going out.

Can I use beard oil and beard cream at the same time?

We do not recommend this use. They have overlapping parts in function, but also different parts, and if mixed together, your beard may look very greasy.

How often should I use beard oil and beard cream?

It depends on your lifestyle, and if you want your beard to look better, Cantik recommends using beard oil once a day to keep your beard healthy and vibrant. If you don’t use it regularly, your beard can dry out, which can lead to frizz, split ends, itchy skin, and dandruff.

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The Best Beard Oils and Creams

Our beard oils are made with all-natural, botanical ingredients without any additives, including argan and jojoba oils, vitamin E, and more than hydrate, revive and condition your beard and skin, bringing you back to babyhood skin and hair.

Cantik Beard Oil & Beard Balm tame unruly beards, help shape and shape beards, restore moisture to skin and beards and keep beards fresh all day long.