2022 Amazon Bestsellers best heat protectant for extensions review

2022 Amazon Bestsellers best heat protectant for extensions review

Irons and curling iron heating tools are perfect if you want to customize your hairstyle, and they can give you the results you want. Why spend a lot of time and money going to the salon when you can get your hair done at home?

But if you regularly use heat tools, hair damage is inevitable, the best heat protectant for extensions is what you must use.

But heat styling isn’t perfect, and you pay a price when you enjoy custom hairstyles: hair damage. Hair heating can seriously damage our hair, manifest as dryness, split ends, frizz, loss of vitality, and make our hair brittle, the only solution is to cut these damaged hairs.

Lucky for you: the best heat protectant for extensions is the perfect heat protectant to protect your hair from the damage that heat styling can do to your hair. And because the best heat protectant for extensions is easy to operate, affordable, and provides the perfect hair protection, every heat stylist should have it.

Just a few sprays onto your hair before heat styling will leave your hair free of any damage, and they should be added to your beauty bucket list.

Before we dive into the best heat protectant for extensions, Cantikcosmetic shares with you how heat styling affects your hair.

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Thermal damage principle:

The hair is heated and straightened or curled in an instant, which will cause: the breakdown of the hair protein structure, which will make the hair lose its strength and elasticity; the cuticle of the hair is broken, and the hair is split and broken; the hair pigment is decomposed, the hair loses its original luster, and the hair loses its original luster. yellowing and other issues.

So it is very important to use the best heat protectant for extensions for hair straighteners and curlers, it protects the hair from heat damage.

How does the best heat protectant for extensions work?

  1. Reduced heat transfer hair temperature is too high

The use of a heat protectant can create a protective barrier on the hair, when the hair is heated, it can transfer the excess heat to another part of the hair to reduce the heat that is heating the hair, thus lowering the hair temperature.

Secondly, the heating effect of the heating tool is completed in an instant, so the hair will be heated instantly, which is very harmful to the hair. The heat protectant can slow down the rapid temperature rise and reduce the damage of heating to the hair.

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  1. Stay hydrated

The new best heat protectant for extensions from Cantikcosmetic locks in the natural moisture in the hair, preventing it from evaporating, preventing dryness and frizz.

Why should you use a heat protectant?

Colleagues who want to customize your hair and keep it hydrated and silky soft, a heat protectant can help you achieve that.

A Few of the Best Natural Heat Protectors for Your Hair

  1. Coconut Oil

There is no doubt that coconut oil is currently a very popular product in the market. As one of the mainstream ingredients, coconut oil contains a high nutritional value, and vitamins, and can be used as an effective natural heat protectant. So coconut oil is perfect for use with high-temperature styling tools.

  1. Argan Oil

Argan oil is known as liquid gold and is also excellent for thermal protection. It’s also rich in unsaturated fatty acids, and vitamin E, to keep your hair soft and full of natural shine.

How to Treat Heat Damaged Hair?

For heat-damaged hair, the first thing to do is to cut all the severely damaged hairs, because these damaged hairs will grow more and more, so you need to stop this from happening in time.

Once your hair is damaged, the sooner you start repairing it, the faster you can restore it to a healthy state. It may take some time for you to see results in your hair, but try this with a little patience.

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  1. Start with the right shampoo.

If a shampoo containing sulfates is used, the hair problem will be further exacerbated and the hair will be more fragile. So we should use natural shampoos, these shampoos do not contain any artificial additives, we can choose to contain coconut oil, argan oil, lotus root Jojoba oil, shea butter shampoos, these shampoos are rich in nutrients to hydrate your hair.

  1. Conditioner.

This is where the real focus begins. Dry and damaged hair is like dry land. Conditioner can instantly moisturize the hair, nutrients can reach the deep layers of the hair and scalp, replenish protein and the body’s natural oils, and form a natural protective layer to lock the hair moisture and prevent moisture loss. and external pollutants.

  1. Haircare.

Deep conditioning hair is often forgotten by some people, but it’s also an essential extra step for the holidays. Whether it’s a protein treatment, repair mask, hair oil, or a more intensive hydrating conditioner, a weekly hydration and protein boost to your hair will help rebuild and strengthen your hair from the inside.

The best heat protectant for extensions can greatly protect your hair from heat damage, if you are facing such a situation, don’t hesitate, the best heat protectant for extensions will help you.

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