2022 Amazon Bestsellers lace glue for sensitive skin review

2022 Amazon Bestsellers lace glue for sensitive skin review

Which Lace Wig Glue Should I Buy? What should I do if my hair is allergic to wig glue? This is a question that Cantikcosmetic is often asked, as a lace wig lover, do you know the answer? Please go down, Cantik takes you to understand what wig glue is, the advantages and disadvantages of wig glue, and lace glue for sensitive skin.

What is Lace Wig Gel?

Lace wig glue is a wig adhesive. The wig is a must-have beauty product for many people to go out, wig glue is used to fix the wig, it can make the wig firmly fixed on your head without falling off.

Wigs can help you achieve the ideal hair look, but unfortunately not all lace wigs are effective, some wigs are allergic, which is too bad.

Advantages and disadvantages of wigs


  1. The lace wig can be fixed for a long time while maintaining a natural look without worrying about your wig falling off.
  2. Easy to wash and remove, just use the wig remover to fully wet it, and then wash it off with warm water.
  3. For people with hair loss, wigs provide stronger fixation.


  1. If the wig is not completely removed, it may block the pores and form acne.
  2. Wig gel may cause skin allergies, causing skin allergies such as redness, itching, swelling, etc.
  3. Wig gel is not conducive to the healthy growth of hair, causing damage to the hair and hair follicles.

There are a few things you should consider before buying wigs.

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Water-based or solvent-based?

The wig is available in both water-based and solvent-based formulations. The water-based glue is gentle on the skin and can be easily washed with soap and water. Compared to solvent-based adhesives, they spread easily and do not clump or create a white buildup. Also, they are the best choice for sensitive skin.

The solvent-based adhesive is waterproof and long-lasting, so it is not afraid of sweat, bathing, and swimming. But solvent-based adhesives can contain chemicals that can irritate the skin and require special solvents to remove them, such as wig removers.

Tape or liquid glue?

There are not only liquid wig glues on the market today but also adhesive tapes. So how do we choose?

The biggest advantage of tape and glue is that it is easier to apply, and you don’t have to worry about the tape messing up, while liquid glue can make your scalp and wig stronger and tighter, and the effect will last longer.

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Different types of wigs have different prices. Usually, wig tapes are cheaper, but their effect will be short-lived, the price of glue will be a little more expensive, but their effect will be more lasting, you can choose according to your needs.


Before buying a wig, you’d better know what kind of wig you need, because this determines how long the wig will be worn. If you wear it for a short time, ordinary wig glue can do it for you. If you want to wear a wig for a long time, and will exercise a lot, swim, etc., you need a special waterproof wig glue to meet your needs.

Best wig

In fact, the best wig glue does not exist in this world, we can only choose the wig glue that suits us and some popular wig glues on the market, that’s all. The most important thing is to find lace glue for sensitive skin.

If your skin is allergic to wig glue, there’s nothing worse. There are many reasons for skin allergies. It may be that the skin is sensitive and cannot stand external stimulation. It may also be that the safety of the glue quality is questionable, and it may contain irritating ingredients. Therefore, we should choose a 100% mild wig.

Allergic skin can cause redness, itching, and even a strong burning or tingling sensation, which may require a visit to the hospital in severe cases.

If you have sensitive skin then you have to spend a lot of time finding the right wig for you, oops. You don’t know if it will irritate your scalp, so try it first when wearing a wig rather than directly on your head.

We can first drop the wig glue on our arms and wait for 10 minutes to see what will happen to our skin after the glue dries completely to make sure the wig glue fits us perfectly.

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Common problem

  1. How long will the effect of the wig last?

Different types of wigs have different durations, ranging from 2-4 weeks.

  1. Will wigs damage your hair?

No, wig glue is safe, if you use it correctly, it won’t do any harm to your hair, if not done correctly, the wig glue may tear your own hair.

  1. Can I take a shower while wearing a wig?

Yes, if your wig glue is waterproof, you can take a shower, if you use a non-waterproof wig glue, then your plus play can easily come off.

  1. Will wigs damage the edges?

meeting. First of all, the fringe is very fine baby hair, and the wig glue may cause the fringe hair to become dry, frizzy, and fall out. So you need to be careful to prevent wig glue from dripping onto the edges.