2022 Amazon Bestsellers lace glue remover review

2022 Amazon Bestsellers lace glue remover review

The wig is an essential beauty tool for people, it plays an important role in the decoration of people’s appearance, so finding the perfect wig is what everyone needs and the process can be long and difficult. But once you’ve found a wig that works for you, the lace glue remover will come in handy.

Whether you use tape, wig glue, or another type of lace glue, there’s a good chance you’ll leave a white residue on your head and wig when you remove it. This can be maddening and also makes it difficult to re-use the wig later, so the use of a lace glue remover is important to maintain the look of the wig and prolong its life of the wig.

Learn tips for using the lace glue remover to remove white residue from wigs without damage.

Most people will think about how to put the wig firmly on the head without falling off easily, but few people will think about the correct way to remove the wig. Today, we will show how to remove the wig easily and correctly.

Some of the best and most popular lace glue removers:

  • Alcohol-Based – These lace glue removers are the most popular and effective when it comes to removing wig residue.
  • Full Head Bonding Solvent – Full head wigs require special attention during the hair removal process. If you don’t do it correctly, you may tear the wig. Cantik lace glue remover is perfect for sensitive skin and removes white residue easily.


Tips for Properly Removing Wig Gel

Even with a lace glue remover, removing wigs and residues may not be smooth the first time, but as you go along, you’ll get the hang of it!

If you’re having trouble removing adhesive residue from your wig, try these tips:

  • Let the lace glue remover stay on the head and wig longer so that the lace glue remover has enough time to get in and it is easier to remove the residue.
  • Use a towel to clean the glue residue from the wig.
  1. Move lightly

Let’s move as lightly as possible, if you’re going too hard, there’s a good chance you’ll damage your own scalp and hair, not only that but your wig, which is too expensive!

  1. Use organic lace glue remover without additives

For easy wig removal, the lace glue remover is the secret weapon. This is very difficult if you are removing the wig without using the lace glue remover. Not only that, you should use a lace glue remover that is 100% natural and has no added chemicals, which is good for your scalp.

  1. Mirror

There is no doubt that some people do not use mirrors to remove their wigs when they are in a hurry, which is undoubtedly wrong. The mirror can see the condition of your hair and wig, you can see it, so you can rest assured.

  1. Fix your hair

When trying to remove a wig, the correct thing to do is to pin the hair to be removed in the opposite place so that the hair does not interfere with you.


  1. Correct use of lace glue remover

lace glue remover is available in spray type and liquid. If you’re using a spray, place the bottle nozzle as close to the bottom of the wig as possible. If you’re using a liquid solvent, you just apply it where the wig is in contact with the scalp.

  1. Wait some time

Please remember that after the lace glue remover works on the wig, don’t pull the wig right away, it takes a while for the lace glue remover to work, we wait at least 1 minute before trying to remove it the wig.

  1. Push it little by little

After waiting a minute with the lace glue remover, we gently pushed the wig back. Remember not to force it or you may damage your wig. If it doesn’t move easily, you may need more lace glue remover, or you may need to wait a little longer.

  1. Use a towel

Although the lace glue remover is natural and has no added additives, we do not allow it to be dripped into the eyes, so we recommend that you use a towel to prevent the lace glue remover from getting into your eyes.

  1. Slowly peel off the wig

Gradually peel from the front and sides of the scalp and move towards the middle and back.

  1. Remove residue

After removing the wig smoothly, if there is still some white residue on your head, please apply the solvent, and after it is completely removed, wash your scalp and original hair and wig with water and shampoo.