2022 Amazon Bestsellers leave in conditioner for split ends Review

2022 Amazon Bestsellers leave in conditioner for split ends Review

Split ends are the last thing every woman with long hair likes to see. Split ends are common in dry or brittle hair and can occur due to thermal styling, chemical dyeing, and environmental factors. If you have split ends, it’s important to pay attention, as this is only going to get worse and you need to start hair care right away.

What is a fork?

The end of the split ends is the first part of the hair to grow, the hair fibers are split here, and there is no luster. If this condition is not treated, it will only get worse.

What does a split end look like?

Split ends can cause hair to split in the middle. If these split ends are not treated, the split ends will continue to travel up the cracks, resulting in more and more split ends and complete breakage…

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What causes split ends?

Knowing the causes of split ends is the only way to solve split ends. A combination of factors such as heat styling, coloring, drying, and more can lead to split ends.

How to prevent forks?

Hair that has been split and broken can not be repaired, which requires hairdressers to trim and cut off all the broken parts, and the remaining healthy hair needs our care and care, and the split ends can be solved.

  • Comb your hair carefully

Hair isn’t that strong, it’s fragile, so be careful with brushing. The combing method of Cantik is different from our common combing method. We usually comb the hair from the scalp. When encountering knotted hair, some people choose to grab the top of the knot and comb it with a comb, but it hurts very much every time…

Cantik’s style of brushing recommends lightly brushing from the ends of the hair, if you encounter resistance, simply use a water-dampened comb to lightly brush to break up knots.

  • Use a heat protectant when hot styling

An important cause of split ends is the use of thermal styling. The best way to protect your hair from heat damage is to use a heat protectant before using heated styling tools. This creates a protective film on the surface of your hair that not only protects your hair but also detangles and strengthens your hair.

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  • Apply hair serum

Although you can’t fix split ends, you can hide these hairs, Cantik leave in conditioner for split ends can easily hide these hairs, it only takes a small amount to give your hair a silky new look Just as smooth.

  • Use a repairing shampoo and conditioner

Many times split ends are caused by the lack of nutrients and moisture in the hair, so providing moisture and nutrients to the hair and hair follicles as much as possible can supplement and repair, not only that but also lock the hair moisture and form a protective film to prevent the external environment. Damage to hair, such as strong UV rays, dust, etc.

  • Use a hair mask

Hair masks are more nutritious care products than common conditioners. If you have severe split ends, Cantik recommends that you use it once a week. After cleaning your hair and using conditioner, apply a hair mask and heat wrap. , it only takes 15 minutes and you can see the effect, which will last for a week. Hair masks can transform dry and damaged hair into a shiny, healthy hair.

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Do split ends stop hair growth?

Split ends won’t stop hair growth, but it can be a serious problem. For example, if the split ends are not trimmed, they will only get worse, only cutting these hairs can stop it, which will make your hair shorter.

What causes split ends?

  • There are many factors for hair-splitting, such as genetics, thermal styling (straighteners, curlers), chemical treatments (coloring, perming), the external environment (environmental pollution and strong sun exposure), poor quality care products (containing alcohol, artificial additives) ), etc.

How to remove a fork?

  1. The best bifurcation repair treatment
  2. Trimming the hair

This is the easiest way to go straight to the salon and get your split ends cut to prevent further split ends.

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Hair serum

If you think that going to the salon to trim and care for your hair is a very troublesome thing, then you can use hair serum at home to give your hair treatment, although hair serum will not solve your split ends at once. However, it can quickly relieve your split ends.

Hair mask

Like the hair serum, the biggest advantage of the hair mask is that it can be wrapped in a towel for heat treatment. In the heated state, the hair mask can be absorbed by the hair more quickly and effectively.