2022 Amazon bestsellers mousse gel for curly hair reviews

2022 Amazon bestsellers mousse gel for curly hair reviews

No matter the time, your hair needs to shine like a star, full of charm and confidence. There are usually many styling products for curly hair, but Mousse or gel must be very important.

There are so many different styling products on the market now, and the instructions for these styling products will have a lot of ingredients, functions, etc., but because our hair types are different, it is difficult to distinguish which one is the most suitable for our hair.

Fortunately, though, Cantik Cosmetics has some answers to this heated debate if you have the following types of hair: mousse and gel.

What is mousse? What is gel?

Many people use their hair products regularly to care for and style their hair, but many of them don’t know what mousse and gel are. This question is a bit difficult to explain because the difference between these products is not that obvious.

A lot of styling products straddle the line between mousse and gel, and some even claim to be one of them. But they still have some differences.



mousse usually comes in spray cans, which are opaque. Use mousse sparingly on wet or dry hair. The mousse function focuses on adding volume to your hair, giving you the appearance of more hair and fuller hair, but mousse does not make your hair heavier.

If you need to change your hairstyle several times a day, modules can be reused as it doesn’t make the hair heavy.

What are the disadvantages of Mousse? No matter how good the mousse is at creating volume in the hair, it’s very light, it’s not as big and as much as the gel. Your hair is great, and if you use a mousse, it will make your hair look great, but if you’re dancing at a bar with friends or playing a jumping machine, the mousse won’t give you the style you want.



How about gel for curly hair? When people think of gel, they usually think of gel-filled in a bottle or jar, which is transparent. Also, a gel is like a mousse, it doesn’t need much on wet or dry hair.

Not only does the gel help with frizz and tangles, but it’s also great for thick hair. The gel helps define curls when applied to damp hair, but it holds the style longer. Compared to mousse, a gel is heavier, and it’s great for when you’re dancing at a bar or jumping on a hop-off machine without messing up your hair.

While customizing curly hairstyles with gels is a great option, it’s not perfect either. The gel is heavier than mousse and it tends to weigh down the hair. gel, which peels off more easily than mousse. Gels have higher density and lower porosity, making them great for all-day wear, and if you don’t want your hair to look greasy, mousse might be a better choice.


Best choice for curly hair

Most people prefer mousse or gel curls, not both. The decision to use mousse or gel should depend on the thickness of your hair rather than the type of frizz. Because mousse and gel-making techniques will be different.

For thin hair, mousse may be a better option. It’s lightweight and provides extra style to your hair, turning it into waves or curls. In this case, a gel is not the best choice because it weighs down the hair, which can make it more difficult for your hair to define curls.

If you have thick and thick hair, gels are the best product for you, and gels hold your hair longer. Also, this hair is more prone to frizz and gels tend to frizz and add volume to hair more easily than mousse.


For gel and mousse, your choice depends on both hair type and your wishes. mousse is good for shaping and volumizing hair, a gel is better for holding and curly hair. If you need to maintain your hairstyle all day, you can just apply the gel on wet hair and comb it to perfection, if you want bouncy hair then try mousse.

Cantik Tip: Whether it’s mousse or gel, have both products on your bathroom counter, as each person will be using it for different occasions.

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Which is better for you: gel or mousse?