2022 Amazon Bestsellers natural wave grease Review

2022 Amazon Bestsellers natural wave grease Review

Is 360 pomade good for waves?

Cantik natural wave grease provides excellent hold on hair, enhances the natural waves of short hairstyles, is non-greasy, and rinses off easily with warm water. You can brush your hair every day for the ideal 360 waves.

What is 360 Wave used for?

Natural wave grease provides a strong hold for hair. Enhances the natural waves of short hair without leaving it greasy.

What pomade should I use for my waves?

natural wave grease creates perfect 360 waves for your hair. Make sure not to apply too much natural wave grease to your hair to prevent it from becoming greasy. You can use it once or twice a week to create perfect waves and keep them going for a week.

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Does wave oil cause hair loss?

Some people worry that using wave oils will cause hair loss. Cantik says: Wave oil does not cause hair loss. The biggest effect of wave oil is to provide 360 ​​waves for short hair. Besides, it has a good moisturizing effect, which can provide moisture to the hair and prevent moisture from evaporating.

Since wave grease is very dense, putting too much oil on your hair can cause it to become heavy and greasy, so we use it in moderation.

Do I need wave grease?

You need to properly nourish your scalp and hair. So wave grease is worth having.

Is wave grease bad for waves?

Wave grease is a 360 wave booster, you should have it, it’s not bad for your hair, but it should be noted that it can’t be used on the scalp, it will clog pores and hinder hair growth, and it may cause acne on the scalp in the long run.

Does any wave grease work for waves?

the answer is negative. There are many products of the same type in the market. What we need to look for are those wave greases that are all natural and without residues, because this can keep the hair healthy and will not damage the hair and scalp.

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Will 360 wave grease cause hair loss?

360 wave grease does not cause hair loss, but if 360 wave grease is chemically added, there is a good chance that the hair will become less elastic and stronger, and hair loss is inevitable over time.

Can I use 360 ​​wave grease a day?

Cantik cosmetic does not recommend doing this, in addition to shampoo and conditioner, normal hair should also use some other products such as hair oil to maintain nutrition for the hair, if you use 360 ​​wave greases every day, the hair will produce oil to combat greasy hair products.

How to get 360 wave grease?

The 360 wave grease has always been a highly regarded hairstyle, and it has become more popular in terms of status and social status.

How to get 360 waves?

We’ll give you detailed ways to get the perfect look.

High quality wave brush

A good quality wave brush is essential and the first thing you must do. Some people think that having a brush is enough, which is a misconception. 360 waves require a special brush to go on, you should choose the right brush for your hair type.

For men with softer and thinner hair, using a stiff brush is not the right way to go. If you have soft hair, you should use a softer brush as this way it won’t put extra pressure on the scalp.


A 100% natural shampoo that cleans hair, removes excess oil and buildup, effectively prevents buildup from forming, and prevents clogged pores from forming acne, which can cause hair loss and other problems in severe cases.

So don’t forget to pair it with a natural shampoo.

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How to get 360 waves step by step?

Prep your scalp for work

You should keep your hair and scalp healthy and deal with scalp problems before doing your 360 wave workouts.


Get a haircut before getting your 360 waves. A new hairstyle can be a starting point for training your hair.


The correct brushing angle is the most important. You should brush from the back to the front, and at the same time, you don’t trim your hair again and wait for the hair to grow.