2022 Amazon Bestsellers pro growth hair oil review

2022 Amazon Bestsellers pro growth hair oil review

Because pro growth hair oil has good moisturizing and moisturizing properties on hair, it has become a must-have hair care product for many people. But pro growth hair oil is not good for all hair.

Read on to learn about the benefits of using pro growth hair oil and find out which products are best for your hair type. Plus, we’ll show you how to use pro growth hair oil!

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Why use pro growth hair oil?

Why use pro growth hair oil? Unlike our skin, our hair cannot be kept moist. Hair needs the follicles of the scalp to produce sebum, natural oil that travels along with the hair to the ends of the hair to keep it healthy and hydrated.

Unfortunately, not all-natural oils make their way down the scalp to the ends of the hair, leading to the results everyone should know: damaged, broken, frizzy and uncontrolled hair. This is where pro growth hair oil comes in. Pro growth hair oil replenishes your natural oils, giving your hair the protection and moisture it needs to hydrate your hair.

Ideal for softening and nourishing hair and scalp due to the oil’s moisturizing and protective effect on hair and skin. Depending on the hair type and problem, different types of pro growth hair oil may be required for best results. Because there are many different types of oils, some are suitable for fine hair, while others are better for curly or dry hair.

To give an overview of the types of pro growth hair oils, we divide them into two categories:

Vegetable oil

Vegetable oils are usually derived from nuts, seeds, berries, flowers, or leaves. Vegetable oils are greasy than essential oils, and they don’t evaporate like essential oils.

Essential oil

Essential oils are extracted from various parts of plants, including flowers, trees, grasses, and leaves. They can be extracted from leaves, berries, resins, needles, rhizomes, fruits, and other parts of plants. Not all plants produce essential oils.

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5 benefits of using pro growth hair oil:

  • Strengthens your hair: Increases the elasticity of the hair, which makes it less prone to breakage.
  • Protect your hair from heat damage: Apply a layer of oil to each hair to create a protective layer for your hair that can protect your hair from heat damage.
  • Moisturizes and prevents frizz: Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, it forms a barrier to prevent hair moisture loss, while preventing external environmental pollution from affecting hair and preventing hair frizz.
  • Promotes hair growth: Pro growth hair oil moisturizes and enhances hair elasticity and strength, which can prevent hair breakage and make hair grow faster.
  • Protection from UV rays: Pro growth hair oil can protect the hair from the harmful effects of UV rays.

What is pro growth hair oil?

We all know that not all pro growth hair oils are right for us. Read on for our recommendations for the best pro growth hair oils!

Best pro growth hair oil: Curly hair

Coconut oil is one of the best options for curly hair. Because unlike other types of pro growth hair oils, coconut oil has small molecules and is easily absorbed by the hair.

Best pro growth hair oil: extra shine

Jojoba Oil This very light oil is great for adding shine to your hair, just apply a small amount to dry hair. Be careful not to overuse! Too much oil can make your hair look greasy.

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Best pro growth hair oil: Prevent split ends

Coconut oil is also an excellent choice for preventing split ends. To use, dab a few drops of coconut oil in the palm of your hand and spread evenly over the ends of your hair.

For best results, Cantik recommends that you choose the right amount of coconut oil based on the length and density of your hair, and ideally apply it evenly throughout your hair, but avoid using it on the scalp.

The Best Pro Growth Hair Oils: Fight Frizz

If your hair is dry and damaged, try argan oil. Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, this Moroccan oil gives dry hair the moisture it needs.

Best pro growth hair oil: fine hair

Apricot kernel oil is lightweight and adds shine and moisture to fine hair without weighing it down. Use in moderation and leave your scalp as too much can make fine hair look greasy and flat.