2022 Amazon Bestsellers quick weave molding gel review

2022 Amazon Bestsellers quick weave molding gel review

A quick weave is a wig that glues an extension to the wig cap and then glues it to your own head. If you are looking for a quick way to do it at home by yourself, follow us and quick weave molding gel will make it happen.

Some people think quick weave is bad for their hair, is this true? In fact, quick weave can really damage your hair if your wig is not fitted properly. But if you can use it correctly: installation, removal, quick weave is a very convenient and fast ways. Read on to learn more about quick weave and more.

What are the advantages of quick weave molding gel?

Quick weave is a great option if you don’t want to treat your quick weave hair as often.

  • Affordable: Compared to those jobs that require ready-made braids, quick weave molding gels are inexpensive because you only need to attach the braids to your own hair, which is very expensive if you go to the salon to get the braids done.
  • Easy care: The quick weave doesn’t require much care, they only care is that you need to take it off at night when you go to bed.
  • Reduce hair stress: quick weave molding gel can free your hair from tightness. Loose braids complement this style perfectly. It minimizes stress on the hair as these are directly attached to the wig and won’t put a lot of stress on your own hair.
  • Quick: quick weave can be done in 1-2h, if you’re going to fully build your own braids, this will take at least 4h to be possible.
  • Difficulty: It can be purchased at a beauty store near you or online, the price is cheap, there are no special supplies, and you can totally afford it.

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Disadvantages of quick weave molding gel

While quick weave molding gel has many benefits, it’s also not for everyone. Most of its shortcomings are caused by improper installation. We’ll cover these disadvantages below.

  • Short duration: quick weave molding gel can last for 20-30 days because the effect of the gel will weaken with time.
  • Falling out: Quick weave’s hair falls out more easily.
  • Hair brushed back: If you brush your hair back often, such hair will experience a lot of stress and may damage the hair.
  • Hair loss: The biggest problem with quick weave is hair loss. This is mainly because you glued the gel to the hair during installation or used quick weave molding gel, which can cause serious damage to the hair.

What do I need to install Quick Weave?

quick weave requires only a few supplies, which you can buy at beauty stores or online. If you’re going to a salon for installation, call ahead and ask them.

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How to install quick weave?

You should be familiar with the steps to install quick weave, review them below.

own hair. Braid your hair first.

The wig cap covers the hair. Secure the hair with a wig cap to prevent it from sticking to the glue. This will ensure that any glue sticks to the cap and not your hair.

Dry hair. If you used quick weave molding gel on your hair or wig cap, blow dry or air dry your hair. Make sure everything is completely dry when installing the quick weave.

Glue to the extension. Glue the quick weave molding gel to the wig cap.

Comb and style hair. Once you’re all set, you need to style, comb, and style your hair.

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How long does quick weave last?

The quick weave duration can reach 20-30 days. If your quick weave falls out, you need to remove it from your hair. To make sure it lasts as long as possible, protect it at night.

How to remove the quick weave?

You can remove the quick weave yourself at home with a wig remover and then treat your hair with hair oil etc. You need a little patience to avoid pulling your hair and causing damage to your hair.