2022 Amazon Bestsellers wholesale organic body scrubs Review

2022 Amazon Bestsellers wholesale organic body scrubs Review

Wholesale High Quality Organic Body Scrub Supplier

Applying body scrubs to your skin regularly can make your skin smoother and more refined. In skin exfoliation products, body scrubs are often mentioned, so how do use body scrubs correctly? Today Cantik shares how to use body scrubs and the benefits of using body scrubs for fans. Follow us!

Do I need to wet my skin before using body scrubs?

Yes, you should wet your skin before using body scrubs. Before using body scrubs, make sure your skin is well hydrated to prevent skin and body scrubs from drying out your skin.

How to use body scrubs and body wash?

First of all, we recommend using the body wash first. When taking a shower, use warm water to soften the skin, help open the skin pores, and remove excess oil and dust from the skin’s surface. Then it’s time for body scrubs. Use body scrubs to help cleanse your skin thoroughly and remove excess cuticles from your skin.

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Use of body scrub

  1. After cleansing, wet the skin with water, take out an appropriate amount of body scrubs, and apply evenly on the skin.
  2. Try to take care of elbows, joints, feet, buttocks, etc. when applying, because the cuticle in these places will be thicker.
  3. Massage the skin. We recommend rubbing the skin with your hands in clockwise or counterclockwise circular motions.
  4. Finally, rinse with clean water.

Notes on using body scrubs

1.The intensity should be light

Body scrubs can exfoliate the stratum corneum of the skin and help open the pores of the skin to eliminate acne problems to a certain extent. In the process of circling the skin, we need to be light, if the force is too large, it will hurt our original healthy skin.

2.Choose the right body scrubs

Under normal circumstances, the coarser the particles of body scrubs, the greater the damage to the skin. They rub against your body like sand, so the skin can’t bear it. Although it can remove your cuticle, it also hurts your original health. Skin, so it is very important to choose body scrubs with a fine and even texture.

3.Cleanse skin before use

Before using body scrubs, you need to cleanse your skin with lukewarm water. A softened cuticle allows body scrubs to perform better.

4.Skin care after use

After using body scrubs, the stratum corneum of the skin is removed. At this time, the skin is the healthiest and most in need of protection, and without the stratum corneum, the absorption effect of the skin can be maximized. You can use body oil or lotion to moisturize the body, replenish nutrients, and provide maximum protection for the skin.

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Frequency of use of body scrubs

Cantik is not recommended for regular use. Some Body Scrub Suppliers recommend users to use it 3 times a week, which is crazy! Regular use of Body Scrub Suppliers can make skin fragile and sensitive.

In order to better protect the skin, we recommend using it 1-2 times every half a month. If you feel your body is hurt, please extend the use time of Body Scrub.

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Does Body Scrub work for cellulite?

Yes! Cantik Body Scrub can help you reduce cellulite. The buttocks and thighs are the focus, and the corners of the body also need to be taken care of. Use circular motions in these areas as much as possible, but also take care to protect sensitive skin areas and rinse your skin thoroughly after the massage has continued for a while.

TIP: There is some temporary redness on the skin due to the friction of the Body Scrub, which is normal and will fade away after the exfoliation is over. But if any discomfort or irritation persists, try to reduce friction or stop altogether.

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People are looking for ways to make cellulite go away. Although Body Scrub does not completely eliminate cellulite, it can significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite. Body Scrub exfoliates the skin’s cuticle, soothes the body, improves blood flow, and tightens the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite.