2022 Best Body Scrub Reviews

2022 Best Body Scrub Reviews

Body scrubs, the new trend in skincare, have entered our skincare menu. When we take care of our skin, we usually think about protecting our face. But our bodies deserve the same attention.

Just as we regularly moisturize and exfoliate our face, we should also exfoliate our body. Because our skin is constantly renewed, in order to better protect our skin, we need to use body scrubs. This has also resulted in countless body products on the market. From body creams and body oils to body scrubs, there is a skincare product that can solve every problem you may have.

Of all these products, though, we’re going to focus on body scrubs today.

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Join us for Cantikcosmetic as we discuss what a body scrub is, what a body scrub does, the benefits of a body scrub for the skin and how to best use a body scrub.

What is a body scrub?

Body scrubs work on the principle of physical exfoliants. That is, it mechanically removes dead skin cells from the skin. This is usually done by rubbing a granular ingredient such as salt or sugar, and then applying this mixture to the skin. However, there are also body scrubs with powder.

When it comes to Cantik Body Scrub, we have a sea salt formula. However, we also added a few other organic ingredients to the scrub, not only for its mild exfoliating properties, but also for brighter looking skin.

They remove dead skin cells instantly, so using a body scrub will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft, which is healthy as it allows for healthier growth of the skin beneath the dead skin cells.

The benefits of using a body scrub

Since body scrubs are physical exfoliants, they are sure to give you the same benefits that exfoliation does to your skin! If you have a great time using exfoliants on your face.

For example, a body scrub helps ensure that your dead skin cells are sloughed off regularly to promote cell renewal. If you don’t exfoliate regularly, your skin will become dull and new healthy skin will not grow; however, by incorporating a body scrub into your routine, you can surely help you look healthy, bright, and radiant skin.

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However, this is just a general point! Here’s a full list of the benefits a quick body scrub can do for you and your body:

Your skin becomes clearer and smoother

One of the biggest benefits you can get from using a body scrub is cleaner skin. Because exfoliating removes dead skin cells, your risk of breakouts is reduced. After all, acne is caused by clogged pores with sebum and dead skin cells. If your dead skin cells are properly removed, you don’t have to worry about acne breakouts!

Regular exfoliation is also great for uneven skin tone. It’s also the secret to smooth skin, as you’ll shed dead skin cells, allowing new healthy skin to emerge!

Your skin looks brighter and more radiant

Regular exfoliation is the secret to giving your skin a youthful glow. With increased cell turnover, it’s no surprise that skin ends up looking brighter and more radiant.

Apart from that, body scrubs help to even out your skin tone. This is perfect if you’re concerned about dark spots on your body that don’t match other skin tones. For example, if your arm is tanned and it’s too late to think about whitening it, wouldn’t it be better to remove the damaged skin and allow new skin to grow? Exfoliating will definitely help brighten and make it lighter.

Your skin retains moisture better

If you’ve noticed that any of your skincare products don’t seem to work, it’s also possible that your skin is too thick for skincare products to absorb.

Another benefit of body scrubs, they help your skin absorb the product better, making it easier to hydrate and hydrate your skin! That’s because if your dead skin cells block skincare products from being absorbed. As your skin is renewed and exfoliated, your moisturizing products can better penetrate deep into your skin!

Combining a lotion or body serum with using a body scrub a few times a week is sure to yield great results. If you focus on the areas that are exposed to UV rays, you may find that those tanned skins lighten up after a while too!

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Exfoliating is one of the best practices before and after shaving, and the best way to gently exfoliate is with a body scrub!

If you like to shave areas like legs, armpits, etc., body scrubs can also help remove dark spots and even exist ingrown hairs. After effectively exfoliating the top layer of the skin, ingrown hairs can grow normally from the follicle instead of ingrown.

What’s more, exfoliating a few days before plucking can help make hair removal easier. The oils in the body scrub make hair softer, and the exfoliation also clears clogged pores for the best hair removal experience.

long lasting fragrance

Helps the fragrance last longer on the skin. And, body scrubs come in a ton of scents to choose from, you’ll be bathed in your favorite scents and not only that, you’ll be able to smell them after you’ve used them!

Promote blood circulation in the body

Body scrubs are usually gentle massages on the skin. This method of using a body scrub actually helps improve blood circulation in the body! Boosting blood circulation in your body is not only good for your health, it even benefits your skin health! Here are the benefits of physical exfoliation for the body.

stress reliever

One final benefit of using a body scrub is that it can help you de-stress. Using a body scrub is a time you can spend for yourself and it will help your skin feel renewed and rejuvenated! The slow, massage-like method of using a body scrub also contributes to the relaxing experience.

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Sounds exciting, right? Using a body scrub can really be a great experience, especially if you’re confident that the scrub you’ll be using will work well

How to use body scrub properly

Now that you know why you should use a body scrub, let’s move on to how you should use it.

Using a body scrub is simple, though, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind when incorporating a body scrub into your weekly routine.

Ready to clean your skin

Start by cleaning the dirt and grime that has accumulated on your skin, then use a body scrub. In this way, the scrub can play a more effective role in cleaning pores!

So make sure to shower with lukewarm water and use soap or body wash before using your body scrub. It is best to use warm water to soften the skin and prepare it for exfoliation.

Apply body scrub

Once your skin is thoroughly cleansed, it’s time to use a body scrub.

To apply, simply scoop a dollop of the scrub onto damp skin and rub it gently across the skin in circular motions. Start with the end of your body (such as your toes or fingers) and work your way elsewhere. This method ensures that circulation is best improved while you massage. Make sure to cover all parts of your body.


After scrubbing every nook and cranny of your body, it’s time to rinse it off with lukewarm water. Take care to remove the scrub from your body during this process, you want to make sure to wash it all off to avoid any risk of skin irritation.


The body scrub experience doesn’t end when you completely rinse off all the scrub from your body. The last step of exfoliation is moisturizing the skin, which is very important.

Exfoliating removes moisture from your skin, so be sure to moisturize after using a body scrub. This is also the time when your skin can best absorb skincare products, so take this opportunity to hydrate your skin!


How often to use a body scrub?

Due to the delicate skin, daily use of body scrubs can irritate the skin and cause extreme damage. So Cantik is used once every 7-15 days.

If this is your first time using a body scrub, it’s best to use it every two weeks to make sure it doesn’t irritate your skin. Once you have established tolerance, you can increase the frequency of use to once every 7-15 days.

For moments like this, it’s best to know exactly what your skin needs and listen to it. If you have sensitive skin and feel that once a week is enough for you, you can definitely stick with it. If you don’t see results, you can increase the frequency of use to what works best for your skin.

We’ve been paying attention to our faces and we tend to ignore our bodies, but we hope this article has been enough to explain why it’s time we start taking care of our body skin too! You’ll find that you can get many benefits just by paying more attention to your skin.