2022 Heat Protectant Spray Usage Guide

2022 Heat Protectant Spray Usage Guide

For many of us, straightening or curling our hair with heat to transform our hairstyle is part of our beauty routine. Whether using a blow dryer for the perfect blowout, wrapping hair around a curling iron for bouncy curls, or smoothing frizzy hair, we’re all likely to go to need a heat program to change our style.

As with all things, heated hair styling tools have significant downsides. While straighteners and curling irons allow us to shape our hair the way we want, they can also cause serious heat damage to our hair. This is why the use of heat protectant spray on hair is essential for hair care.

What causes heat damage to hair? How can heat protectant spray for hair help?

Excessive use of hairdressing tools

As we’ve already mentioned, if you use it too much while styling, your hair will split, fray and dry out. Iron your hair, it can become dry and damaged without heat protectant spray.

Sun exposure

Strong UV rays can also damage our hair.

What is heat protectant spray?

Essentially, heat protectant spray is a product that is applied before applying heat to the tool, which helps reduce potential damage to the hair.

Benefits of using heat protectant spray

Typically, heat protectant sprays for hair work by creating some sort of barrier between your hair and any heat source you’re exposing it to.

The benefits of heat protectants


#1: Restore Moisture

Heat styling tools can dry out your hair. However, by using heat protectant spray, you can provide extra moisture to your hair and keep it silky smooth.

#2: Prevents Moisture Loss

When you apply heat protectant spray or other hair protectants to your hair, it prevents moisture loss for healthier hair.

#3: Damage and Frizz Control

A hair care product lives up to its name: it protects your hair from unwanted damage! As an added bonus, the barrier created by your heat protectant spray also prevents frizz!

#4: Smooth Cuticles

The cuticle is the outermost part of the hair shaft, which strengthens and protects the hair inside. Normally, the cuticle is damaged by heat, but a conditioner will keep your hair cuticle soft and smooth.


What does heat protectant spray contain?

Cantik heat protectant spray ensures 100% natural and no additives.

Apricot Oil

Apricot oil is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins A, C and E. Additionally, heat protectant spray with apricot oil contains powerful antioxidants that help protect hair from free radicals and oxidation.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil provides a lot of nourishment to your hair in a heat protectant spray, providing a protective barrier to your tresses that helps fight split ends and breakage.

Avocado Oil

Rich in oleic acid and healthy monounsaturated fats, avocado oil is one of the few oils that can actually penetrate your hair shaft, providing deep moisture and smoothness to your strands when applied.

Argan Oil

The jam is rich in vitamin E and Omega-6 fatty acids, and argan oil is a natural heat protectant that softens and tames frizzy hair.

How do you use heat protectant spray?

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Start with wet hair

Shower and wash your hair as usual. For extra nourishment and moisture, use a good quality shampoo and conditioner, which will keep your hair strong and silky smooth.

Comb your hair

Gently wipe your hair with a towel to prevent it from tangling.

Apply heat protectant spray to hair

Start using your heat protectant spray while your hair is still damp. Spray evenly on your head to ensure the product is well dispersed, focusing on the ends of your hair, which are the hardest hit areas for split ends and dryness.

Now you are ready to start styling

After applying heat protectant spray, try starting with low heat to style your hair. Most of the time, you can make your heat protectant spray work better without setting the heat tool in the highest position anyway.

A quality heat protectant spray is your best line of defense when it comes to protecting your hair from heat damage. But at the end of the day, it’s only part of maintaining healthy hair.

If you want to really keep your hair looking best, a hair heat protection spray alone won’t do the trick. Here are some additional tips and tricks you can incorporate into your routine to ensure your hair is as healthy as possible.

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  1. Start by cleaning your scalp

Healthy hair starts with the scalp. Gently massage your scalp with your fingertips in the shower to ensure good blood flow is encouraged. By caring for your scalp, you are creating the foundation for healthy hair that will work better.

  1. Treat your hair with a weekly hair mask

In addition to treating your hair with heat protectant spray, it is important to protect your hair with a hair mask from time to time. If you want to strengthen your hair and add a little boost to your favorite heat protectant spray, try a hair growth and protection mask. It’s a great extra treatment to keep your hair bouncy and shiny.

  1. Use a low temperature or let the hair air dry

One of our final tips on how to get the most out of your hair’s heat protectant spray is to simply turn down the heat.

Maybe you blow dry your hair with a hot blow dryer after you wash it, in fact, the best option is to let the wind blow dry your hair naturally.