Amazon’s Hot Beard Softener

Amazon’s Hot Beard Softener

In 2005, CANTIK developed and launched Beard Softener. With a brand new product, the market takes a little time. Beard Softener works like a conditioner for your hair, it takes care of your beard in all aspects.

Why do we call it Beard Softener? The biggest reason is that we formulated this product specifically for the beard and face. And conditioners, are designed for hair. The head has more than 100,000 hair follicles. Sebum is an oily substance that helps keep your skin waterproof and hydrated. Beards, on the other hand, have at most 30,000 hair follicles.

Shampoo and conditioner are not suitable for washing and conditioning beards. Many shampoos tend to irritate the beard and may dry out the beard. Long-term use can cause dandruff and itchy skin. Almost all conditioners contain silicone. All beards need a Beard Softener specially produced to care for your beard…

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Silicones are not all bad as some of them are water-soluble which guarantees it can be washed off with water but some stick to the beard and this silicone covered beard looks like a healthy beard, but in fact, it just masks the real state of the beard and builds a reliance on the use of silicone products, which is very dangerous, what we need to make a product that can make beard healthy – Beard Softener.

Silicone is not water-soluble, it requires harsh shampoos to wash off. Those harsh shampoos can dry out your skin and cause breakage and split ends in your beard, and eventually dandruff and itching. If you don’t use a shampoo that removes conditioner, over time, the silicone builds up and you’ll start to see your beard get duller and lose its original luster.

The best beard care is to use products that work together, not different brands to achieve the ultimate goal because there is no guarantee that different brands will not irritate your beard and your skin. sexual response and the same product package takes all of these factors into account. When it comes to beard care, the best solution is to grow a healthy natural beard.

How do you use Beard Softener?

Beard Softener is used after washing the beard. Normally, you only need to wash your beard 1-2 times a week.

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When using Beard Softener, you need to focus your wash on the root of the beard rather than the tip. If you have a short beard, don’t pay too much attention to the ends of the beard. When using a beard softener, you need to focus on the skin under your beard.

Beard softeners can produce different results depending on how you use them. So if you’re building a quality beard, you can rinse off the soft beard after application, if you want to soften and condition your beard; then you can do a deep spa.

Deep conditioning is the same as a normal application, except you leave the product in your beard for a different amount of time. You can let it work its magic for up to 5 minutes. It’s not a leave-in product, so you need to rinse it off.

You can use Beard Softener daily if you wish. All beards are different – some beards are very curly and coarse, while others may be straighter and less coarse. Beard Softener can affect your beard, so it’s best to experiment with different techniques to find what works best for you.

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After bathing, you need to apply Beard Oil in your daily routine, a good Beard Oil is as important to your face as your beard, applying Beard Oil to your skin and beard will keep your beard very moisturized throughout the day!

As the founder of Cantik Beard Softener, I am biased towards our products being the best on the market. Because I know exactly what we put into our products and we don’t cut corners just to create the best beard care products.

Cheaper beard care products make significant sacrifices to achieve this cheap price point, and the result is unsatisfactory results, they may have the same ingredients, but the products will be completely different. Only you can decide the value of your beard to yourself. Take care of it and keep growing!