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Let’s talk about wigs.

There are different reasons why people who decide to use natural hair wigs: as a beauty supplement or change of look, and for any health problem, either as a support to hide baldness (alopecia) or as a result of cancer, in the case of oncological wigs.

The use of natural hair wigs has a long history, however, thanks to new technologies, as well as an increase in their demand, all kinds of products can now be found.

Natural hair wigs are not only the answer to an exclusively feminine need, but also a masculine one, because they are largely consumers due to the need to face the problem of alopecia.

In this sense, wigs provide emotional support against problems such as cancer and chemotherapy treatment, since one of its main consequences is hair loss.

To a large extent, specialists can recommend to patients with breast cancer the possibility of wearing an oncological wig to lessen the effects on their self-esteem.


In the current market there are all kinds of wigs or extensions, of which the cheapest are synthetic ones, in addition to requiring less care because their use cannot be very long or daily.

The continuous use of this kind of wigs can have various consequences: allergies, dermatitis, damaged hair, it can even cause hair loss because many of them do not have a special treatment against heat, so the temperature rises and It can burn the scalp, atrophy the hair follicles.

For its part, natural hair wigs are a safer and more durable option; however, they tend to be more expensive and require almost the same care as the hair itself.

If the recommended hygiene measures are not carried out, this type of wigs can also cause some type of dermatitis. Likewise, it is important to be certain that they are natural fibers (hair) and that they have been hygienically treated for use.

Whether due to the desire to change your look or due to a health problem, natural hair wigs have been and are an accessory that complements people’s image, mainly benefiting emotional health.

The Cantik Cosmetics Lace Glue

It is a glue to fix lace wigs in a non-aggressive way with the skin, made with ingredients that are not harmful to the skin and its prolonged use does not contribute to the development of allergies or irritations on the skin of the head

It is the best ally to be able to use a wig safely, feel free and put your worries aside with our Cantik Cosmetics Lace Glue, add more movement to your day and leave behind the worry that your hairstyle will be out of order.

Why choose us?


  1. When you wear a wig or wig, you can go about your daily life without worrying about your hair system moving or falling out.
  2. Creates a powerful, invisible connection between the scalp and the wig to reduce movement while hiding the hairline and absorbing light for a natural look.
  3. Waterproof and oil resistant: When you wear a wig or wig, you calm down without worrying about your hair system moving or shedding due to natural skin oils or moisture.
  4. This invisible connection helps to hide your hairline and creates a natural look for your wig for both men and women.


High Performance – Our product is specially formulated to bond the hair replacement system to the skin and scalp. Cantik Cosmetics labs have researched and tested to ensure safety, high quality, and performance.

Designed for oily scalp, high humidity and heavy perspiration: Specially formulated for people with an oily scalp, high humidity and heavy perspiration conditions to give you a few weeks of worry-free support.

Invisible Adhesion – Safe for use on polyester and lace hair products, invisible after application. This invisible bond makes your hairline look natural, no one will know your secret.

Light Hold: With this link, there is no need to worry about your hair system moving or falling out due to skin oils or moisture. Your hair will look and feel as natural as possible

NO LATEX, HARD SOLVENTS, OR TOXIC INGREDIENTS – Designed for sensitive skin and scalp. When removing the hair, use the “Lace Glue Wig Adhesive Waterproof And Remover For Lace Frontal” for best results.