Cantikcosmetic Best Heat Protectant For Natural Hair In 2021

Is it bad to use the hair straightener every day?

The hair straightener has become an essential tool in the daily lives of many women, who use it to show off a smoother hair or to shape it into beautiful natural waves. However, as we know, it is a device that subjects the hair to very high temperatures and that can really end up taking its toll if we do not protect it properly beforehand. If you have ever wondered if it is bad to use the hair straightener every day, keep reading this Cantik Cosmetics blog to discover the answer and find out what is the indicated frequency that will help you keep your hair always spectacular and also the benefits of our Heat Protectant For Natural Hair.

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Despite the fact that nowadays, the materials with which the irons are manufactured are strictly designed and chosen to protect the health of the hair as much as possible, the truth is that an excessive use of these devices can end up damaging it deeply and making it not look beautiful and healthy. If we subject our hair to very high temperatures every day, it is normal for the hair cuticle to weaken and the result is dry hair, rough to the touch, frizzy and with split and brittle ends.

That is why it is not advisable to use the hair straightener every day if we want to always keep it healthy and looking good. Experts recommend ironing your hair a maximum of 2 or 3 times a week, avoiding doing it every time we wash our hair. If your hair is unruly and difficult to style, a good alternative is to use the dryer to straighten it instead of the iron, since by not coming into direct contact with the hair, the hot air from it is not so harmful.

And not only abusing hair straighteners can cause damage to your hair, because misuse of them will also make your hair look abused, damaged and very dry. It is essential to prepare your hair before ironing it and offer it the care it needs to withstand the impact of such high temperatures. So, before using your hair straightener, do not forget:

– Wash your hair with a suitable shampoo and apply a good moisturizing conditioner. (Check out our Arganrro hair care set section)

– Apply our Heat Protectant For Natural Hair evenly on damp hair

– Dry the hair very well to remove all the moisture, since passing the iron on wet hair will burn and weaken the hair fibers instantly.

– Regulate the temperature of the iron between about 170º and 190º if your hair is normal, or 160º if it is very fine, damaged or dyed.

Once your hair is protected and prepared to withstand the heat of the iron, you must pay attention to the way you use this tool to prevent the hair from breaking. Above all, you should always go through the iron from the roots to the ends and not do it repeatedly through the same lock of hair. The ideal is to divide the hair into different sections and iron each strand little by little with a uniform movement and without stopping.

Choosing a good straightener is also key to taking care of your hair and keeping it in perfect condition. Those with ceramic plates are recommended because the heat affects in a more indirect way and a greater shine and softness is achieved.

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Our Heat Protectant For Natural Hair has been developed with our public who regularly use a hair straightener in mind, always thinking about the health of their hair and the protection against heat that characterizes hair straighteners.


Protection of hair against heat damage up to 230 ° C.

Contains active substances for hair protection and nutrition

Helps to recover damaged hair and facilitates styling and final hair styling.

Prevents frizzy appearance and electrification of the hair



Heat Protectant For Natural Hair is a light, unwashed spray that creates a soft protective layer on the hair, thus protecting it from the impact of heat. Protects hair against damage and drying caused by heat up to 230 ° C. Thanks to the combination of active substances, it helps to recover and smooth the hair strands, thus facilitating the final hair design. The natural components: Vitamin E, Argan Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Rosa Maria Leaf Extract, Aloe, Lemon Extract, protects hair against heat, eliminates hair electrification and, thanks to the conditioning effects, minimizes hair loss. risk of difficult combing when drying hair. The Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil substance reinforces the internal structure of the hair. The substance of natural origin Argan Oil provides softness to the hair, helps to protect its color and reduces the appearance of frizz. Safflower oil provides hair with natural nutrition.

The Heat Protectant For Natural Hair spray leaves hair shiny and supple with a healthy appearance. Perfect for all hair types


Apply to wet, towel-dried hair just before you start to blow-dry; or to dry hair before heat treating it with the hair straightener or curling iron.


Healthy, strong and flexible hair, protected against damage and drying of the hair resulting from heat treatment. The hair is shiny and ready for the final design.