Coconut Oil Hair Serum, Suitable For Dry And Damaged Hair, Stimulate Hair Growth

If you want perfect hair, you must read this blog: coconut oil is a miracle in beauty rituals. You just have to consider the correct way to implement it in your hair routine, otherwise, the result can be counterproductive.

Coconut oil is one of the beauty trends in the Cantik Cosmetics line of hair care products that is here to stay, since thanks to its properties it is a great natural ingredient to nourish and achieve healthy hair. But as in everything, you must use it correctly to enjoy these benefits without setbacks, here is the best way to use Coconut Oil Hair Serum, Suitable For Dry And Damaged Hair, Stimulate Hair Growth.

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1. Coconut oil deeply nourishes: goodbye rough hair

The Coconut Oil Hair Serum has a repairing and revitalizing effect that deeply protects and nourishes the hair. Therefore, it is ideal to use it when you have dryness, either on the scalp or in the hair. After bathing, apply to avoid frizz and nourish it. For a more in-depth treatment, before going to sleep, apply a drop to your entire hair and let it sit overnight, the result will surprise you.

2. Coconut oil helps stop hair loss

If your hair is falling out, we recommend massaging Coconut Oil Hair Serum directly into the scalp to strengthen the roots. You do not need much product, in fact, the ideal is to go little by little to see how the hair reacts. Remember that less is more.

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3. If you have oily hair, be careful with coconut oil

If you have oily hair, use it at night, because although it is wonderful, it is finally a fat that if you put it in excess can cause your hair to look dirty and greasy. Also do not forget to rinse super well, otherwise, residues can accumulate that over time can damage the health and beauty of your hair.

4. Do you want your hair to be longer? Use coconut oil

Another benefit of Coconut Oil Hair Serum is that it is a great growth accelerator, only here you must combine it with our Arganrro hair care line that is made with vitamin E. Combine them hot and apply the mixture with a massage circulate all over the scalp.

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5. Coconut oil helps you eliminate frizz

If you don’t have time to apply a mask, you can use Coconut Oil Hair Serum as a conditioner. After your usual shampoo, apply a little product, leave it on for a few minutes and rinse super well, this is important, since otherwise your hair may look greasy. Do it with warm water so that your hair is free of residue and totally clean.

We recommend using the shampoo and conditioner from the Arganrro line by Cantik Cosmetics for hair care and growth for best results.