Easily customize the styling foam mousse of braid shape

From time to time the summer invites us to try new hairstyles and one of them is the African braids, braids that are easy to do but keeping them intact is a challenging task, avoiding hair frizz is not only achieved by excessively moistening the hair To make it more manageable, in any case when drying the hair it will revert to its rebellious shape and will come out of your traces。

That is why in our laboratories we have designed the Mousse for Braids made with natural ingredients of the highest quality, internationally certified for its quality and effectiveness, it is made based on the benefits of argan oil, which is a natural moisturizer for the hair that strengthens it from the first application and allows the hair to be more manageable and full of life, nourishes it and also enhances growth thanks to its stimulating properties for the scalp.

Argan oil

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Argan oil is also known as liquid gold, as it contains vitamins A and E and antioxidant elements that will give your hair the shine and strength it needs. It is the ideal oil to seal hairstyles and hydration processes.

To provide all these benefits to your afro hair, wash it regularly and use a conditioner as you normally do, then when you finish drying your hair, use the mousse to form your hairstyle, whether you wear it loose or with braids the mousse will be worn. It will help keep it in place for longer without leaving residue.

To be able to enjoy the results of the styling mousse for longer, you can complement its use with a shampoo and conditioner from the Slaying Lolli or Arganrro line, both of which will give you excellent results from the first use and will make your hair more receptive to the benefits of styling mousse.

What are you waiting to try our Mousse and join the Cantik Cosmetics family, enjoy the benefits they have for your hair and your skin!