How to choose the right shaving gel

How to choose the right shaving gel

A good shaving gel can make all the difference in a man’s grooming routine. While some men choose to use soap and water to keep things simple for convenience, I have to admit that sometimes, keeping things simple can sometimes be a little rough, and shaving gel can help make your shave smoother and cleaner. As it should be, shaving gel helps reduce the chance of skin irritation.

What is shaving gel used for?

Men’s facial hair is often thick and stiff, making it a challenge to shave cleanly. Many men choose water and soapy water as basic care, but sometimes it may cause skin damage, such as redness and bleeding.

If the shaving gel acts as a lubricant, it creates a barrier between the skin and the blades, so your razor can go through your beard cleanly, efficiently, and smoothly without redness or even bleeding.

A good shaving gel can also provide you with a soothing and refreshing feelings after shaving without sagging your skin.

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Is shaving gel necessary?

As we mentioned, some men choose to use soap and warm water and a manual shaver, and some men use an electric shaver every day. While both methods work fine and get the beard removal job done, they don’t provide a cushion for your skin.

Not only that, but some soaps can contain harsh ingredients, which can cause the skin to lose moisture and, over time, itchy skin under the beard, dandruff, and more.

We recommend using Cantik shaving gel, so you can enjoy a better shave and keep your face stubble-free from start to finish, and your face will feel refreshed after shaving, no any uncomfortable feeling.

Is shaving gel better than foam?

The main difference between shaving gel and foam is how well it lathers. The lubricating effect of shaving gel is better. We prefer to use shaving gel. Not just because it’s more lubricating, another benefit is its transparency, when you’re using the shaving gel, you can see the skin underneath, and you can’t see anything if it’s lather.

If you have dry or sensitive skin, you should especially try shaving gel, as it helps the razor glide smoothly on the skin. Cantik shaving gel is specially designed for men with sensitive skin, 100% natural ingredients without any additives to help soothe sensitive skin and protect your skin by giving you the lubrication and good lather you need.

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Shaving soap vs shaving cream vs shaving gel: what’s best for you?

As many men start to pay attention to beard care, they also have a lot of skin care products on their dresser, and a good shave can give them a lot of confidence, so they need a good shaving gel product.

But looking at all the different shaving gel products can be confusing. They all have a similar core function in description; they lubricate your skin, so your shaver can easily glide over it. But how do you know which shaving gel is right for you? Well, the truth is, you won’t know unless you try.

Shaving soap

One of the most traditional of these shaving products, shaving soap is actually shaving soap! It usually comes in solid form, usually in a small bowl or plate, and is applied when removing the beard. The soap needs to be lathered with a brush and then applied to the face before shaving. However, it is generally less moisturizing than shaving cream or shaving gel.

Shaving cream

Compared to other shaving products, the shaving cream is very moisturizing, it leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated. Shaving cream is generally suitable for any skin type, but is especially beneficial for those of us who are more sensitive and drier.

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Look for shaving creams that contain natural ingredients that benefit dry and delicate skin, such as aloe vera, shea butter, and vitamin E. These help prevent skin irritation when shaving and leave skin soothed and soft. Cantik shaving cream, specially formulated for sensitive skin.

Shaving gel

Shaving gel is smoother and more lubricating than shaving cream. This means your shaver will glide beautifully across your skin, avoiding any scratches, cuts or irritation. They are transparent, so you can clearly see where the razor slides over your face, which makes it easy to see if you need to trim your beard again.

Shaving gel creates a protective lubricating layer on the skin during shaving. For sensitive skin to make an impact, shaving gel is a great option and you deserve it.