How to easily wig glue remover

How to easily wig glue remover

Wearing a wig is a habit of many people, but it is very difficult to take off the wig at night. Who has the correct way to take out the wig correctly? Today, we will show you how to easily remove a wig.

  1. Take your time

The first thing to do when removing hair is that it takes some time – you need some patience and you can’t expect it to come off right away, it’s unrealistic.

  1. Use an effective wig glue remover

The most important product required for successful wig removal is the wig glue remover. It can easily remove your wig from your hair without any effort, it only takes a little waiting time, and it will not damage your original hair and scalp.

Wig glue removers are usually made from alcohol or oil, but they also come in different forms, such as liquid and spray. You can try the Cantik wig glue remover, it is an excellent wig glue remover that is great for removing glue and tape residue from wig systems as well as your own hair.

You can also try using a spray solvent. The above are general purpose wig glue removers that are commonly found in the market and are suitable for all permanent attachment adhesives and can also be used to remove any residual adhesive from the scalp.

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  1. Use a mirror

There is no doubt that you should stand in front of a mirror to better see your movements.

  1. Fix your hair

Since the wig is fixed on your entire hair with glue, we recommend to take the wig from the forehead and the left and right sides, which requires that when you perform a part, you need to fix the wig in the back place, such as, You are taking the forehead wig, then you need to hold the forehead wig back so they don’t get in your way, and finally take the wig glue remover and apply it to the wig tape.

  1. Correct use of solvents

If your wig glue remover is a spray, instead of spraying it all, place the bottle nozzle as close to the bottom of the hair system as possible and spray the wig glue remover on the area where the tape is attached to the scalp. Once you feel your scalp is soaked, you’re done.

If your wig glue remover is liquid, you can simply apply it where the wig is in contact with the scalp.

When done, wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap.

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  1. Let the solvent start working

After the wig glue remover is properly applied/sprayed onto the wig, wait 1-2 minutes for the wig glue remover to work, if they haven’t had time to work, you rush to take the wig off, and you end up with May lose some hair.

  1. Carefully remove your wig

After waiting 1-2 minutes, we started to try it out, gently pushing the wig back with our fingertips. After the wig glue remover has worked, the wig will come off the tape on its own. Remember not to force it or you may damage the wig and pull your hair out. If the wig doesn’t come off, you may not have used enough wig glue remover or waited enough time. In this case, apply more wig glue remover and wait a little longer.

Once the wig begins to loosen from the tape, you can try to slowly remove the wig from your own hair. It is especially important to take it out of your hair slowly, not quickly. itself into your scalp, and also lose your hair. So please be patient.

  1. Hot Towel

Our most important advice is to keep a hot towel within your reach, trust us, a hot towel can be used to control the progress of things, beware of the white residue from wig glue removers and wigs falling on anything but your scalp a place.

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  1. Slowly peel off the wig

Start by gradually peeling the wig glue remover from the front of the scalp and moving back, then do this from the left and right sides of the hair.

  1. Remove glue residue

Don’t worry, it’s normal if you still have some white, hard residue on your head. Please smear or spray some wig glue remover on it and clean it up after it works.

Follow these steps above for easy wig glue remover, your life will be easier and your hair system will stay in better shape for longer, go try it!