How to use detangling spray

How to use detangling spray?

We all absolutely love our curly hair, but managing tangles after washing may be maddening. There are lots of products on the market that can help detangling, but not all of them can help relieve tangles on dry hair. I have used many of them,but cantik detangling spray is no doubt the best option I have used.

What is cantik detangling spray?

Cantik detangling spray is a leave-in conditioning spray, formulated with a blend of botanical ingredients, pure natural and without any additives, to effectively nourish curly hair and replenish hair moisture. It will help your curls feeling shiny, soft and hydrated!

Is Cantik detangling spray suitable for me?
In fact, no one product can be suitable for everyone, but it must be suitable for the most of people. I used to have a lot of products on my desk, but I wasn’t satisfied with them. Since I got Cantik detangling spray, I’ve completely ditched the previous ones. It must be a good choice.

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How do i use it?

We strongly recommend that you use it when you have just washed your hair, because the hair at this time is very easy to take care of. You only need to spray it lightly and spray it evenly on the hair, especially the ends of the hair. It’s amazing to smooth frizzy hair with ease. It’s important to keep away from your scalp though, in order to prevent any problems that may arise.

Combing Your Hair: Dos and Don’ts for Curly Hair

Combing your hair, especially curly hair, can take a long time. However, it is an important step in keeping your hair healthy and strong. But it can be very frustrating if the hair is often knotted.

If your hair is frizzy, using a comb will only damage your hair. This can leave your hair broken and frizzier, break down the cuticle, and leave your hair looking frizzy and dull.

Say goodbye to frizz from now on, because here comes the cantik detangling spray. How to use detangling spray?

1. Start grooming in the shower.

Wet your hair, and before it’s dry, coat your hair with conditioner, then spray detangling spray all over your hair and use a tooth comb to gently loosen tangles for a very silky finish.

Hair becomes more bouncy when wet, so detangling while wet reduces the risk of hair breakage. Moisturizing with water works, but a better strategy is a detangling spray, which will make hair slippery and easier to detangle knots.

Some friends can make div, mix distilled water and detangling spray, pour it into a spray bottle and use, this method is also possible, but we still recommend directly washing your hair and spraying detangling spray directly.


2. Comb curly hair before shampooing.

If your curly hair is particularly tangle-prone, tie the knots before lathering.

3. Top down.

When brushing your hair, start from the top of your hair and work your way to the roots. Comb from top to bottom, the action must be slow.

4. Keep curls free of tangles.

After cleansing, use a conditioner first, which gives the hair its first smoothness, followed by a detangling spray, which is rich in nutrients like grapeseed, sweet almond, macadamia, coconut, argan, and safflower) that can Nourishes hair for a long time, repairs hair breakage, leaves hair smooth, strong and shiny.

5. Stick with conditioner

Regardless of the quality of your hair, stick to using a conditioner every time you wash your hair, so that the hair will absorb enough nutrients, reduce breakage, and help to create smooth hair to a certain extent.

6. Intensive care

If possible, after a period of time, do a deep care to the hair, such as a hair mask, or a hair oil, so that the hair and scalp can be moisturised with nutrients for a long time, which will make the hair and scalp full of nutrients, and the hair will be like a plant strong.

Cantik detangling spray is rich in plant extracts, including argan oil, tea tree oil, vitamins, etc., long-term use will make your hair shiny and reduce hair breakage and frizz.