Keratin Olive Oil Moisturizing Smoothing Nourishing Hair Repair Serum

Keratin Olive Oil Moisturizing Smoothing Nourishing Hair Repair Serum

Causes of dry and brittle hair
Having healthy and shiny hair has never been easy. In fact, our ancestors created a thousand and one methods and recipes to improve the appearance and health of the hair, some of them work, but others do not.

Heat and dehydration: the main causes of dry and brittle hair
One of the main causes of dry and brittle hair is heat. Day after day, women use irons and dryers to shape and straighten their hair.

These instruments make curly or frizzy hair look straight and beautiful in just a few minutes. However, the bad news is that in the long term it turns out to be a lethal weapon, since in the end you get dry and brittle hair.


Another cause is summer, not summer itself, but the habits we have during this time of year, such as exposing ourselves for long hours to UVA rays, chlorine, the sea,… all of this influences reaching September with dry and brittle hair that needs constant treatments to improve its appearance.

he hair, like the body and the skin, needs to be well hydrated to look good. Therefore, not maintaining an unhealthy diet will cause the whole body to become dehydrated, and the hair will not be free either. To avoid this, there is no other solution than eating foods rich in Vitamin A, protein and essential fatty acids. And don’t forget to drink a lot of water!

But now in the 21st century there are many solutions to the common problems of people suffering from dry hair.

Today we come to talk about Keratin Olive Oil Moisturizing Smoothing Nourishing Hair Repair Serum, a serum made based on the benefits of coconut oil and its properties.

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The serum can help rebuild the correct structure of the hair, avoiding frizz and helping hydration, which is so important to look healthy and radiant in both men and women and children, natural ingredients are of the utmost importance at the time of talking about supplements for the beauty and health of our physical appearance, talking about hair and skin, that is why you should prioritize looking for products that have as their main ingredient some natural compound, oils and proteins that are essential for proper care and a beauty routine full of love towards your health.

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