Native Shampoo And Conditioner, Powerful Hair Cleaning Effect And Protection

How does a shampoo + conditioner work?

The main function of a shampoo is to remove residue and dirt from the hair and scalp, remove oil and clean.

Along with the hygiene function, the shampoo can be a hair maintenance cosmetic for adults and children, since it can provide benefits such as volumizing, waving, straightening, coloring – incorporating silicones, film-forming proteins and many other cosmetic options in its composition. .

The conditioner compensates for the lack of natural sebum, coating the hair shaft and closing the scales, resulting in shine and softness. Helps to replenish a protective layer around the hair to protect it from external damage. It penetrates the cuticle, entering the cortex and is easily attached to the hair shaft, increasing its strength.

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Cantik Cosmetics has designed a line of shampoos combined with conditioners for children in order to help moms seeking to improve the bath time experience of their young children.

Our line of Native Shampoos and Conditioners have a composition that is totally beneficial for children’s hair, it is designed to be friendly with the skin that is in the development stage and also with hair that is extremely fragile, helping it to be softer and softer. manageable when combing, it is made with natural oils that not only hydrate and nourish the hair but also promote its growth in a natural way with highly healthy and internationally certified compounds.

With our Native line you can say goodbye to the annoying knots in your hair that often make bath and hairstyle time a moment of suffering, we are committed to the quality and effectiveness of our products and on this occasion we have thought of the most little ones in the house and moms who need a hand in the great work of being the caregiver of the health and hygiene of children.

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As the child grows, the needs of his hair change. Our range of hair products has been specifically designed to be gentler compared to adult products, as well as offering other benefits. Win the tug of war against knots with Native Shampoo and Conditioner. This lightweight shampoo and conditioner gently undoes knots and tangles for easy-to-style, frizz-free hair. For best results, use in combination with other products in our Curly Mommy care line to undo 75% more knots and tangles † for manageable, healthy-looking hair.