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The hair on your face is not the same as the hair on your head.

Facial hair requires a specialized grooming regimen.  beard care products meet the unique requirements of the beard, regardless of length. From beard wash and exfoliating cream to revitalizing oils and styling balm, each is expertly designed to soothe, soften and relieve itchiness. So whether it’s short and sloppy or long and glorious, your beard will always look and feel its best. Grow a beard to be proud of and a beard with courage.

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Hipster or three-day. All the care you need to keep your beard flawless, soft and irresistible.

The beard is no longer typical of careless men and “bad living.” Nobody is surprised to see heads of state, kings and even a bank president wearing it in any of the versions of him. Not to mention the hipsters on duty, who are already torn between keeping it or abandoning it in the face of so much omnipresence. Is the hair on the beard the same as the hair on the head? At first glance they look different, right? So that’s it

Beard hair is drier than head hair and requires moisturizing products

The one that appears in the rest of the areas of the body, including the beard, has a lower growth phase, as it usually lasts a maximum of one year. While the hair on the head can grow from 1 to 1.5 centimeters a month, that of the beard grows from 2 to 3 millimeters. And no, no one thinks that cutting it makes it born stronger.

The density of the beard is determined by genetic factors, as is the hair on the head. Genes can be helped with treatments such as carboxytherapy or mesotherapy, and it is always good to eat a balanced diet, reduce stress and exercise. But if a beard is sparse, it is fundamentally genetic, and in the fewest cases it can be due to beard or systemic diseases as a result of medication.

Can all men afford to wear a beard?

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The fact that the beard has acquired its own identity card does not mean that it can be worn in any way. The right way, to wear it be it short or long, discreet or full, must be impeccable and stylish! A good beard has to be dense, thick and without clapas. As is a trend, many people want to leave it, even if they do not have the right hair for it, and thus we find many beards that are a parade of stubble.

How should it be cared for at home?

Wearing a beard avoids daily shaving, yes, but it forces you to take care of that hair even more than that of the head! Fortunately, Cantik Cosmetics’ arsenal of facial hair care products has grown by as much as the number of beards, so there is no excuse for that hair not looking absolutely flawless.

The first step is essential: washing. And yes, with a specific product, tailored to the beard. This hair is thicker and drier than that of the head, and these products have a higher concentration of hydrating and nourishing assets, making the beard softer and more manageable.

Are there “special helps”?

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Shampoos and brushes are not the only accessories tailored exclusively for beards. There are two other categories of products that are finding their niche. First of all, the shampoo and conditioner for beards, a cosmetic halfway between the nourishing oil and the treatment serum that conditions, hydrates and adds shine..

Balm and waxes are in the same category, although these are often used more to shape than to nourish. The most appropriate way to use them is to take very little product, heat it between the palms of the hands and use it to shape the mustache or the ends, providing definition. You have to go little by little: it is always easier to add a little more wax than to have to wash again because there is too much fat left. In all cases, it is important that the skin is well hydrated, as this prevents the pores from being clogged.

Then the Cantik Cosmetics care line is the best option for men who want to show off a powerful and well-groomed beard. Bearded man, what do you expect to be a better version of yourself?

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