Private Label Natural Look Holding Hair Gel Without Alcohol

Natural Look Holding Hair Gel without Alcohol

Hair styling gel

A hair fixative, also called gel, is a cosmetic product that, thanks to its viscous or crystallizing structures, allows the hair to be fixed in a certain position, which is why it is used to keep the hairstyle in place. The hairspray is applied to help style the hair or after styling to hold it longer, and can be found in a variety of formats, such as gel, styling foam, or spray.

Characteristics of the fixing gel for hair

Hair fixative is also known under names like hair gel, gel, and a few others, and it helps keep hair in place after styling, helping to keep it looking neater for longer.

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Since ancient times, different substances have been used to fix the hair. It has been found in Egyptian mummies that date back approximately 3,500 years. This confirms that the Egyptians tried to preserve the hairstyle both in life and in death. In more recent remains found near Dublin, Ireland, of the Man of Clonycavan (between 392 and 201 BC) it was found that it used a type of gel made with a resin from Spain or southeastern France.

Experiments have been continuously carried out with various chemical and / or natural substances in order to achieve a better fixative for the hair that, in addition to preserving the hairstyle, contributes to the care of the hair, to restore or beautify it in some way, either by softening, hydrating or strengthening it. Thus, the use of petroleum jelly, oils, and other substances such as gums, gelatins, lacquers, waxes, etc., has been resorted to, in order to keep each hair in place.

By 1929 the most popular hair fixative in both the United States and Europe was Brylcreem. Later some other fixatives emerged that offered a more natural appearance both to the eye and to the touch since fashion demanded that the hair not look or feel greasy. Some of them when drying left the hair completely hard and had the problem of leaving whitish residue.

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In some eras fashionable hairstyles required that the hair be set in such a way that the use of lemon or tomato juice as a hair fixative was very popular.

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The gel or Dep as we know it today was created for the first time in the 60s and its name comes from diethyl phthalate (diethyl phthalate), which is why it was known as DEP. It came in two presentations, regular, in translucent pink and green, which provided an extra-firm hold. Little by little other fixatives emerged offering advantages such as better hair care, a more natural appearance, faster drying, etc.

At present, gels of very different brands and qualities are still sold. In addition, styling products have appeared in presentations of lotions, creams, foams, waxes, etc., to achieve different effects.

This is where Cantik Cosmetics enters the equation, our laboratories have developed the “Natural Look Holding Hair Gel without Alcohol”


Developed based on the benefits of Argan oil and Castor oil, which, as we have seen in previous blogs, have benefits for hair and skin.

– The Natural Look Holding Hair Gel without Alcohol provides a firm hold, dries fast and does not flake. Helps control frizzy hair and unruly hair.

– Does not contain alcohol.

– Achieve both a classy and casual style with this styling product that can smooth and refine texture, control frizz, and leave your hair soft with a semi-gloss and authentic finish.

– Daily use of our styling gel reverses damage with natural healing and anti-aging ingredients while improving the condition of the scalp. No fillers, chemicals or parabens.

– Wrap up loads of added bounce and softness while repairing all dry or damaged hair, leaving it with a radiant shine.