Shea Butter Coconut curling cream Review

Shea Butter Coconut curling cream Review

If you have curly hair, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – straight length and curly body. However, finding the right product for your hairstyle can be very difficult because there are so many products on the market that you simply don’t know which one to buy.

It helps to create your unique wavy hair. In contrast to straight or twisty curls for straight hair, wavy hair has an “S” shape that is smooth in places and curvy in places. To get flowy, wavy curls, you need a good curling cream.

Why Cantik curling cream

  1. Enhance your waveform

Cantik curling cream has long been a favorite of curly hair users for its unique ability to shape and maintain textured hair. A good Cantik curling cream will create a film on your hair, it will smooth the cuticle and prevent hair from tangling.

The new, flat hair keeps your custom hairstyle as Cantik curling cream adds spring to the curls and it adds volume to the curved sections of the hair so it looks rich. Cantik curling cream is rich in argan oil, vitamin E, these natural substances that provide essential nutrients to the hair to enhance hair elasticity and help with waves.

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  1. Prevent frizz

The curling cream for waves contains just the right amount of oil and nourishing elements to prevent frizz. When the nutrients in the hair are deficient, the hair can become frizzy, causing the hair to fray, they can become dry or damaged, and frizz, dandruff, and itching can occur.

The secret is to keep the hair full of nutrients, and the nutrients in the curling cream can penetrate and protect the hair. To prevent frizz, start by conditioning your hair with Cantik curling cream. Apply the curling cream to wet hair, apply the appropriate curling cream evenly, let the curling cream moisturize every inch of your hair, stick to it, your hair will become smooth and shiny.


  1. Moisturizing and hydrating

Wavy hair can dry out quickly because the bend in the locks can cause the outer layers of the hair to rise, forcing moisture out. If your hair feels dry, curling cream is the best option. Use it right after you’ve cleaned your hair and the results are amazing.

The curling cream can also be used on dry hair, especially when the hair is dry, just apply the curling cream to the hair for quick rejuvenation. Moisturize the curling cream completely and apply it all over the hair with your hands. Massage the hair with your hands to accelerate the penetration and absorption, and the effect will appear immediately.

A good quality curling cream is a powerful moisturizing ingredient that works for a few days, leaving hair hydrated all the time. Contains caprylic/capric triglycerides or olive oil (for softness), glyceryl oleate (for hydration), or other ingredients that will help you create and maintain soft-touch, hydrated tresses.

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What is curling cream?

Curling cream is a moisturizing styling agent that provides a hairstyle and shines while controlling frizz. It delivers the style we crave without the crunch and leaves curls touchable.

What’s in curling cream?

Made with jojoba oil, vitamin E, shea butter, curling cream conditions hair, enhances shine and elasticity, and helps fight frizz.

Who can use it?

We usually recommend styling creams for people with 3A – 3C curly hair, but it really depends on what kind of curling cream you want.

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How do I use it?

We recommend applying curling cream to freshly washed hair. Dab some product in your hands, run your fingers through the ends, and distribute the cream evenly through curls, adding more in dense areas for final conditioning.

Then shake at the roots and rub after the entire hair is completely dry to add volume and bounce.