The obsession for flawless and perfect hair is nothing new. Cantik Cosmetics knows how a good product is necessary to be the perfect complement to the beauty ritual of all our clients.

At Cantik Cosmetics we know that there was a time when products for curly hair were scarce, people of color were not recognized as they are now, they could not enjoy products dedicated to their hair type the way a person did with it. straight hair.

A couple of decades ago talking about a product dedicated to curly hair was very rare, today products dedicated to each type of hair abound in quantity and quality, there are countless presentations that are suitable for each type of hair.

Cantik Cosmetics has developed the “Slaying Lolli” hair care and growth line designed for women with afro hair with a brave attitude who wish to show the world their curls with pride, demonstrating that in this century curly hair has imposed fashion and culture from the era of Disco and Hippie music until today where technology predominates our society.

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There are a lot of things to do for women with Afro conc abello, there is a lot of research and product development to wear a totally perfect Afro, caring, healthy, shiny, the fight for the importance of women in society continues to advance and By gaining space, we have learned, we have become stronger and there are more and more processes of women that deserve all our recognition.

That is why Cantik Cosmetics is committed to having a specialized development for products that are aimed at people with afro hair, always providing them with quality products, free of parabens and corrosive chemicals, quality of 100% natural ingredients and internationally approved for the benefit of hair and skin.