The Best Natural Hair Gel Available, Suitable for any Hairstyle

The Best Natural Hair Gel Available, Suitable for any Hairstyle

The product that concerns us today is well known in the world of Afro hair care for being an alcohol-free fixing gel.

The first thing you will notice is that you will get a good fixation without your hair being hard as a rock. And, what will catch your attention the most, is that when you run your hand through your hair, and remove the wet effect of the gel, your hair will be super clean and without feeling dirty.

It is one of the star products of Cantik Cosmetics, famous in the United States and Europe that offers fixation without damaging the scalp or the structure of the hair, we can say that it is among the products that provide the most benefits to the hair because it is made with natural ingredients that benefit your skin and make it soft and maintain its brightness and healthy appearance.

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To give you a quick idea, the Slaying Lolli gel has a gel-like texture. It serves to define, give volume and set your personal style. On the other hand, it allows frizz to be controlled, tame strands and rebellious hairs, also called edges, flyaways and baby hairs.

We have in hand an alcohol-free fixing gel that undoubtedly stands out for its high quality and professional finish. It is a key element when creating all kinds of hairstyles: wash & go, bows, pigtails, define curls and waves, twists, braids… Thus, with words alone, it is very difficult to imagine it.

There are no barriers to creativity with your hair!

Another thing you will like about Cantik Cosmetics is that it does not contain parabens or sulfates. Its formula cares for the hair and keeps it healthy, shiny and beautiful every day. Most similar products contain UV filters that protect the hair from the effects of the sun, preventing the natural color or dyes from fading. But many times it affects the strength of the hair.


On the other hand, the Slaying Lolli gels have been formulated with just the right amount of protein (Argan Oil and Castor Oil); Gluten-free ingredients that fixes the shape, retains moisture, and adds shine. This protein is well tolerated by all types of hair.

Another advantage is that these gels are compatible with other products from the Arganrro line and also hair care products; so do not hesitate, it will be a success to include it in your hair routine! Slaying Lolli is easy to use, fast, and high performing. In other words, great results are obtained with a small amount of product.