What is Beard Oil and how is Beard Oil used?

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Beard Oil’s popularity has grown rapidly due to changes in people’s aesthetics. Many beauty companies are producing products that promote beard grooming and growth. If you have a strong beard, chances are you will stand out from the crowd. With the shift in aesthetics, having a beard now represents confidence, masculinity, intelligence, and more. Grooming your beard is very necessary to keep it healthy.

Beards, like hair, can become uncontrolled if not trimmed for a while, and beards can get sick just like hair, they can become dry and uncontrolled, producing dandruff and itchy skin. That’s why it’s important to take special care of your beard with the right Beard Oil. If you’ve never tried it, don’t worry, follow us.

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What is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is like a leave-in conditioner for beard and skin. Beard Oil is usually a blend of jojoba, argan, and castor oils paired with spices. Some Beard Oil producers also add elements from natural fruits to the mix, such as almond oil or coconut oil. Cantik Beard Oils are designed with the best blends to make sure they’re light on your face and fast to condition your beard and are 100% natural.

Apply Beard Oil

Beard Oil keeps the beard and the underlying skin moisturized, and with Beard Oil, it can effectively remove dandruff inside the beard. Keep using it for 3-5 days, Beard Oil can relieve itching caused by dry skin.

Keep reading below as we walk you through how to apply Beard Oil like a beard pro:

First, you need to clean your face and beard, then put Beard Oil on your hands and apply it evenly on the beard and the skin under the beard. Are you worried about not being able to determine how much Beard Oil to use at one time? Don’t worry, the amount of Beard Oil to use depends on the length of the beard, and Cantik thinks four to five drops is a reliable benchmark.

Once you have nourished your skin with a thin layer of Beard Oil, you will start to feel your skin moisturized and you can also see in the mirror that your beard is getting shinier and you are more handsome! For men with long beards, we recommend that you use a comb to distribute Beard Oil evenly, preventing loss of beards and keeping them trimmed at the same time.

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No matter what type of beard you have, whether you want Captain America’s long beard or a mustache, Beard Oil is a must-have for most beard lovers. Growing a beard is a test, and we know it’s not an easy decision to keep a beard at first.

How to Apply Beard Oil?

Typically, we recommend applying Beard Oil right after your daily shower. If you take a hot shower, your pores will open up, which allows Beard Oil to be absorbed more efficiently than otherwise.

For Beard Oil to be most effective, you should focus on applying Beard Oil to the skin under your beard, not just the ends of your beard.

If you’re wondering where to start as the first step in beard protection, Beard Oil is the first choice because it’s effective in addressing issues such as itchy beards, dry skin, and rough beard texture.

Beard Grooming Tips: How To Maintain A Beautiful Beard


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If you Beard Oil and grow a healthy beard, it’s not over, you need daily grooming to maintain your good looks, just like a new car needs good maintenance, and beards are no exception.

You can use Beard Oil for beard care every day. When applying Beard Oil to the beard, you need to use a beard brush to comb the beard, which helps to spread the Beard Oil evenly throughout the beard.

If you are not satisfied with the growth of your beard, you can use beard scissors to trim your beard to remove split ends. Keeping your beard clean requires weekly beard shampooing.