Gibs Beard Oil Effectively Promotes The Growth And Softening Of Beards.


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Features Of Gibs Beard Oil

Gibs Beard oil comprises 7 premium essential oils, with rich vitamins and other effective ingredients, it can promote your beard growth, deeply moisturize beard and skin, reduce itching, pain, and dandruff, making your beard shinier, softer and healthier.

Gibs Beard oil moisturizes facial hair and the skin beneath. Beard oil is hydrating to the skin and helps soften and tame beard hair, growth your beard.

Our beard oil does not add any chemical additives, only the most natural and organic ingredients that can effectively condition and protect your beard and skin.

Say Goodbye to Heavy & Greasy Beard.

A thicker and fuller beard will look handsome at all times, but how to protect your beard effectively is a problem.

Our beard oil is made of the finest ingredients with the most rigorous manufacturing techniques, the texture of the oil is lighter, and it’s easier to absorb. Just a few drops could keep your beard deep nourishing and makes it look fresh, tidy, and clean!

Keep your beard looking groomed and healthy with our high quality “Beard Muscle” oil Suitable for and lendth and type of beard – Softens your beard, reduces beard itch, and creates ideal conditions for beard restoration.

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8 reviews for Gibs Beard Oil Effectively Promotes The Growth And Softening Of Beards.

  1. Derek Stoddard

    I have tried a handful of beard oils throughout the last 3 years. I was skeptical of the price point on this but after trying it, I will not switch back to any previous oils. The smell is great, thickness is not to oily and my beard does not get greasy at all. I have seen improvement in the hydration of my beard after using this product. I’m on my 3rd bottle now.

  2. Jes

    This seems to be one of the pricier oils on the market. However, this is the 1st time growing a beard and I wanted to take care of it and have it look/ feel nicely. After some online research and reviews, I decided to try this as it’s one of the best oils of 2021 and all the positive reviews. I love it. It’s light, has almost no scent or a very light one. Goes on well and makes my beard shine and feel like silk. It says 2-3 pumps but my beard isn’t very long yet so I can do one pump and it’s enough to cover it all. Small bottle, a bit more expensive but I think it will last a while even using daily. This is my first oil ever used and I like it enough to where I will prolly just stay with this from here on out.

  3. RH MACY

    When I first felt it in my hands it seemed very slippery, and I was afraid it was going to make my beard feel too oily and greasy. However, once applied it felt nice on my face and quickly soaked in without a greasy feel. I have tried about 8-10 different beard oils, and this one makes my beard feel the softest. My only compliant is that the scent is almost non-existent. Scent, of course, is a matter of personal preference. My girlfriend likes a more traditionally masculine scent, so I use another product around her.

  4. MG519

    This is by far the best beard oil I’ve tried. Scent is calming and fresh, not heavy and intrusive like others. Light oil, not thick like others. Easy to massage into beard and skin below and really avoids scratchyness. Will always buy this! A bit pricey for the amount you get but worth it not to smell like a saw mill or feel like you just slicked motor oil all over your face. Unless that’s your thing 😉

  5. James

    I’ve been using this for several weeks now. It works well, and has a nice subtle smell to it (you don’t notice it after a few seconds though). The product absorbs well into the skin/facial hair, and isn’t messy.
    The product is pricey, though. Not sure I’ll purchase it again, just because of this.

  6. Providential

    I think people don’t know what they’re ordering here. A lot of people are complaining it doesn’t have any hold- why would an oil have hold? That’s a different product. You want a pomade or mousse or something. Beard oils help hold moisture in the hair follicle, because once hair grows it stops getting the oil that is naturally produced from the skin in order to keep the hair soft and healthy. Beard oil has been a much bigger deal in cold, windy climates where people needed help to keep their hair healthy. If anything, yes the hair will be softer and more flexible- that is the whole point! The product needs to be applied daily for a while to allow fresh hair to grow out and enjoy all that nourishment to get the best effects.

    Given that, this is the Heinz Ketchup of beard oils. Little to no smell, medium effect, goes on readily. Nothing about this beard oil excites me, but it does what it’s supposed to do. Only needs a very small amount- this oil is less viscous than my last one, so I only need about half what I would normally use. The oil also sticks to my hands like mad- after I rub a half-dime sized amount into my short beard, I have to soap my hands thoroughly.

    Overall it works. I have no weird smell to report, my face isn’t greasy, and the hair feels a little better. None of it is magic, nothing about this experience excites my senses, but it works and given the small amount I’m using it will last a long time. Recommended if you need a basic, low-scent beard oil. Just make sure you use it near soap- you couldn’t slap this on from a travel bag without stopping to wash your hands after.

  7. Tark Main

    This beard oil is fantastic. Doesn’t leave an oily residue and I can tell my beard is softer and my skin underneath is much more hydrated compared to not using any oil at all. There is pretty much no scent other than the natural oil smell which is perfect as I hate most “guy scents”. Overall you can’t beat it. It is spendy but it’s worth it.

  8. Francis C.

    I’ve tried a dozen different beard oils, this one is the most expensive and yet is the one that I am reordering. Work requires me to keep my beard trimmed very short so there’s a constant source of rough ends that never quite smooth out.

    Most oils I’ve tried leave my face a little bit oily and still itchy even after working them into my skin. A little goes a looooong way with this one, and it stops the itch! Texture is more like a silicon sex lube than a beard oil, but it works. BONUS it doesn’t leave my face as greasy, reducing the oil stains on my collared shirts.

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Gibs Beard Oil Effectively Promotes The Growth And Softening Of Beards.