Lightweight Heat Protectant For Natural Hair Protect Hair From Influence


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Heat Protectant For Natural Hair

Heat protectant for natural hair can Protect your locks from the damage caused by heat styling while smoothing hair and adding shine. This Heat Protectant Spray stands up to blow drying, curling. Protects hair from heat up to 450 degrees.

Directions: Shake well. Spray this Heat Protectant evenly through wet hair, avoiding roots, before blow drying. If using on dry hair, hold 8-10 inches away and spray sparingly through mid-shaft to ends before curling or flat ironing.

heat protectant for natural hair
heat protectant for natural hair
heat protectant for natural hair
heat protectant for natural hair
heat protectant for natural hair
heat protectant for natural hair
heat protectant for natural hair
heat protectant for natural hair
heat protectant for natural hair
heat protectant for natural hair
heat protectant for natural hair
heat protectant for natural hair

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10 reviews for Lightweight Heat Protectant For Natural Hair Protect Hair From Influence

  1. Diamond

    This product worked t”so well on my hair.
    I have a lot of hair, but it’s really fine.
    I use a flat iron on it everyday.
    I have blonde high lights in my hair and that makes my hair a little frizzy. I’m always looking for a good heat protectant for my hair.
    I don’t want anything that will make it look or feel greasy.
    This product is truly amazing.
    My hair looked the best it has in years.
    No greasy feeling. Just smooth hair with a great scent.
    Trust me you will love this product!!

  2. Jessica Sweeney

    I’ve tried many thermal protectant sprays both expensive and on the cheaper side. This one has been my favorite thus far. The scent is pleasant and not too strong- a bit of a beachy/coconut smell. It goes onto the hair lightly and not greasy. I didn’t notice any residual product left on my hair after using my styling tool which is a problem I’ve had with other brands. It did not weigh down my hair or prevent my curls from holding.

  3. Anonymous

    This product is AWESOME. I have a lot of fine, straight hair, and I’ve recently gone blonde. To try and prevent anymore damage I bought this spray. I was concerned about it feeling greasy or weighing my hair down. I live in a hot, humid area, so keeping volume in my hair is a challenge. This spray has made my hair silky and shiny, it smells amazing, and it doesn’t feel like I have any product on it at all. I still have plenty of volume. I was pretty generous when spraying it on before blow drying, so I’m surprised. Two people complimented me on my hair today, so I’m pretty happy about this purchase. It’s worth it, give it a try.

  4. Debonie Thompson

    I don’t mind the scent at all. I have really thick and curly hair by nature. My hair is usually really frizzy especially when it’s hot and humid. This products does wonder. I can use this right before I blow dry and straighten and I never have to worry about my hair frizzy up. My hair is left straight and has a natural sheen. I’ll honestly be buying this product again. Hopefully the formula never changes, I’ve currently been using this product for three weeks currently.

  5. Danielle.P

    I needed a new heat protectant, I straighten my hair once a week. This stuff smells amazing, no frizz, and left my hair feeling super soft. It felt a little hair applying, so I was worried it would leave my hair looking greasy, but I was wrong. My hair feels super light. I love this product
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  6. KMM

    Love this spray! I have thin, fine hair that gets frizzy & this spray does not weigh it down or leave any greasy/sticky feeling on my hair. I actually feel like it’s “repairing” some of my more damaged sections. The smell is great – a little tropical, but not at all overpowering. I also have SUPER sensitive skin that breaks out from the majority of hair care products (to the point that I rarely use anything & just wear my hair up), but this product does not seem to irritate my skin at all & I’ve been using it almost every day. Love it!

  7. Christina

    I have to start by saying, I absolutely love the smell… Most importantly though, what caught my eye was the natural nourishing ingredience it has, I also use a flat iron on my hair every now and then. I’m trying not to damage my hair, I’m actually in the process of repairing it. Basically, I moved to a place that has horrible well water. Within the first year, my long healthy hair turned to straw. Cut most of it off and started the repair process… Anyway, this product will definitely help me fight any damage from heat and also helps greatly with frizz. I first tried it as a leave in for frizz control. It made my hair very soft, not greasy or oily. ( I have naturally dry hair. ) When my hair dried, it was soft and shiny and little to no frizz. No sticky feeling, no stiffness once my hair dried, it was great. Then I tried it before I ran a flat iron on my hair. It worked fine, no complaints. To be completely honest, I prefer it as a leave in after I wash my hair. In a sense it’s still protecting my hair from any heat damage if I flat iron my hair the next day. I don’t feel like I need to use it after I wash my hair and before I use heat. If you blow dry your hair, then of course use it after you wash your hair when it’s wet lol.. I normally wait a day or two before I use a flat iron so the natural oils in my hair have a chance to return after washing. Of course I use it as a leave in. I’ve even sprayed my hair just to get that little bit of frizz under control when I put it up. It smells great, makes my hair shiny and of course looks great… No stiffness or oily greasy feeling. I’m very happy with it.. Highly recommended… Just a side note.. I use all natural products on my hair, including hair dye.. I wouldn’t be using this if it weren’t made with natural ingredience…

  8. Jadzia Flowers

    I have super Afro curly hair and just recently decided to start straightening my hair and this product is seriously the best I have ever used! After using this product I spray argon oil sheen on it and wrap it with a satin bonnet and my hair looks and feels sooooo healthy by morning! If you have kinky curly, Afro hair then this is definitely the heat protector you’re looking for! Oh and it smells soooo good (:

  9. Aditi Jalla

    This is by far my new favorite hair product! It is nearly PERFECT. It’s a watery spray, and I sprayed it into my towel-dried hair before blow drying and it immediately made my crazy curly/frizzy hair super soft and not sticky. It made my hair easier to straighten, and it came out ultra soft and shiny without being oily. I’ve never had my hair feel and look this good unless I go to a salon!

  10. Amy S.

    I absolutely love this spray. It smells great. It doesn’t leave any residue or sticky, gritty feeling in my hair or weigh it down. It makes my hair so soft and adds a little shine too. Protects my hair from high styling heat and helps me keep my hair healthy

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Lightweight Heat Protectant For Natural Hair Protect Hair From Influence


97 in stock