Organic Hair Oil Serum For Hair Growing Treatment


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Effect Of Organic Hair Oil

1. Our Organic Hair Oil strengthens thinning and weak hair resulting in noticeably thicker, fuller, and healthier hair. Hair becomes smoother and shinier with less frizz and breakage.

2. Hair Growth Oil is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients that effectively stimulate stronger and faster hair growth in both men and women.

3. All natural and pure ingredients Castor Oil, CBD oil, and Biotin blend harmoniously to create a magical formula. Castor Oil is filled with omega 6 essential fatty acids, minerals, proteins, and vitamin E and has natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties to promote healthier and stronger hair.  CBD oil compounds stimulate the hair follicles to speed up hair growth healthy.

4. Our Organic Hair Oil is very gentle yet provides amazing results. It is non-paraben , non-cruelty, non-gluten, non-sulfate, non-parfum and non-triclosan.

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10 reviews for Organic Hair Oil Serum For Hair Growing Treatment

  1. Gabrielle DeMers

    If i would recommend any hair product, it would be this. my hair is super soft and less frizzy and the softness lasts until my next wash! i wash my hair once a week so it lasts a whole week. i will be buying more of this.

  2. Ashbrooke

    Couldn’t be happier with this purchase. I’ve only used 3 times. My hair is manageable, not frizzy, soft, and still has volume. It looks healthier overall. I use the shampoo and conditioner already this was just something extra. Heat protectant as well.

  3. max reilly

    This product changed my view on hair oils! My whole life my hair has been greasy, so the idea that I would WILLINGLY put oil in my hair was insanity to me before. Since using this product my hair has been stronger, it’s lasted longer between washes, and it looks less dry! You gotta try this!

  4. Stacey

    My new go to. Smooths frizz, softens bleached hair. Also is a heat protectant. Worth every dollar. Especially since you can use it as a replacement for flat iron spray, and frizz serum

  5. Dilan alagoz

    I could see a difference even after one use. I used only a fee tiny drops and the effect is unbelievable. I wouldn’t believe it if I read it but believe me. I had the worst hair quality after the poor bleach job and two dyes I got done to cover the bad bleaching. I was think there is no hope for more hair until it grew. But with this product you wouldn’t even say it’s a damaged hair even after a single use.

  6. Laurie

    The oil has made my hair break less and feel so silky without frizzies and fly aways. I probably use more than they say to because my hair is curly, fine, and long. I blow dry and iron a lot more than I should and the ends break easily. This has helped. Sometimes, I put it on after blow drying , too. And, my hair doesn’t look greasy.

  7. Shorty

    I love this oil! Love the container and metered drop application. This is the best hair oil ever! Very light pleasant fragrance that really doesn’t linger. Which I prefer. Don’t like a lot of competing fragrance going on. I am about 30% gray, and have noticed a lot more flyaway’s , and dry ends. I add 2 or 3 drops and rub my hands together and apply to my hair. Sometimes I add a couple of drops to my regular leave in conditioner. Fabulous! Tames the flyaways, and gives a great shine. Makes hair feel very soft, and not greasy at all. Although if you used to much it might. I apply from about the mid point, to ends of my hair. My new favorite hair product!

  8. Posey Family

    I love this oil more than any oil I’ve ever tried in my hair. Whether I just got out of the shower or am just brushing my hair in the morning, I apply this to the ends and layers and my hair looks healthy and silky. I’ve never seen something like this where you can apply it every day for a supple texture and your hair doesn’t appear greasy and dirty.

  9. Darkangel

    This product has improved my hair, my frizz issue is almost perceptible which is amazing.

  10. kayerine

    Highly recommend for dry, thick & extra wavy hair. You don’t have to have curls to use. I have hard water & after a few uses I can see, feel & shine is noticeably different

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Organic Hair Oil Serum For Hair Growing Treatment

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