Factory Customizable Private Label African Liquid Hair Detangler Spray For Natural Hair and Human Wig Detangler

How many times have we not struggled when combing our hair, either when waking up or going to bed, with unruly and tangled hair? At Cantik Cosmetics we have the mission of making your day to day easier, that is why now we are going to present one to you of our most famous products around the world.

The African Liquid Hair Detangler Spray For Natural Hair and Human Wig Detangler is specially designed for unruly hair that tangles easily.

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If your hair tangles easily, sign up for this styling routine designed by Cantik Cosmetics with the help of our detangling product. In this way, you will avoid breaking the hair when combing it daily or after showering, when the hair becomes more fragile and brittle. Mind you, let’s start at the beginning.

If you have dry or brittle hair, you will have to start treating it from washing your hair and use the most suitable smapoo for you, check our shampoos section for the right one for you, we recommend one with a moisturizing action and stimulating hair growth. It is essential to do a good massage, since it stimulates the scalp, and a good rinse. On the other hand, the use of conditioner should be routine and once a week or every ten days.

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Before drying your head with the dryer you will have to apply the Liquid Hair Detangler Spray. Avoid rubbing your hair with the towel and ensure that this product, in addition to facilitating styling, protects your hair from the heat of the dryer, the irons or the sun. 2×1!

How to apply detangler

Do you have split ends? It is a sign of dry and damaged hair. Does your hair get tangled very easily? You can have fine and brittle hair. In any case, applying the Liquid Hair Detangler Spray after each wash will help you to care and not break the hair.

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Step 1

Our Liquid Hair Detangler comes in a spray. This procedure is suitable to make the most of our detangler.

Step 2

Apply the detangler from the middle of the hair towards the ends, never at the roots to avoid the risk of greasy hair.

Step 3

Now, with a wide-toothed comb, begin to untangle at the bottom, starting at the ends and working your way up to the roots. When you come across a hair knot, untangle it little by little from the bottom to the top. Then dry the hair being careful not to tangle it again.

Step 4

Then dry the hair carefully, and you have your hair well detangled!