Kids Hair Serum For Protecting Hair Smoothing And Moisturizing And Care Scalp


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Features Of Kids Hair Serum

Kids Hair Serum

SULFATE-FREE: Our conditioners go beyond “sulfate free” and are plant-based for healthier hair from root to tip with superior shine, moisture and color retention Great for curly girls, and safe for color-treated hair. curls!

So, protect your hair from unwanted situations – breakage, thirst and unmanageability – with this fan-favorite leave-in moisturizer.

Features: Rich tea seed extract to help replenish hair loss and moisture, nourish hair, gentle repair and smooth hair fiber, nourish and soften hair, reduce fragility, make it soft and smooth, easy to comb, make hair Silky smooth, smooth and shiny.

No Parabens, No Mineral Oil, No Artificial Colors, No Petroleum.

Kids Hair Serum Kids Hair Serum Kids Hair Serum Kids Hair Serum Kids Hair Serum Kids Hair Serum Kids Hair Serum Kids Hair Serum Kids Hair Serum Kids Hair Serum Kids Hair Serum Kids Hair Serum

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10 reviews for Kids Hair Serum For Protecting Hair Smoothing And Moisturizing And Care Scalp

  1. mja

    Works really well on my son’s hair who is biracial, black (Dominican) and white. We use it daily and it never seems to build up. The Cantu kids products are great. We also use the kids styling Custard which works similarly to this but leaves a little bit more definition now that the hair is longer.

    Tips: I do not use a lot of product. Make sure hair is damp or rub a little bit of the product with water in your hands.

  2. Sarah DiGiovanni

    Best product I’ve used by far. My grandson has tight curls with soft hair – I haven’t figured out his hair type yet as I am new to this. My kids all had straight hair. Anyway his beautiful curls start out nice and neat, but they were a frizzy mess by the end of the day with other creams I’ve tried. This cream holds all day and doesn’t leave his hair crunchy like many other products with a stronger hold. I would definitely recommend for his hair type.

  3. Adam Cooper

    This product works great on my two year old boys mixed hair. It makes his curls look cute and shiny instead of dull, dry and frizzy

  4. Jiji

    Omg yesss. My baby girl is mixed cuban/african. Her hair is so hard to style but Cantu makes her curls look super cute. Other wise she would just have an afro lol. And it smells really good too.

  5. Lisa Owens

    The smell is light and smells good. Hope this works with my kids hair.

    Edited to add photos.
    The first pic is on wet hair early in the morning. The second is at 130 in the afternoon after a nap. Did make it a bit crunchy but I might need to use less next time.

  6. Shayla Johnson

    My son is bi-racial(salvadorian&black) and has super curly hair,but it tends to get dry when left out,which is why i always put his hair in a protective style such as 2 French braids. I use loreal elive and its AMAZING and leaves his hair soft and its super cute now left out,but i needed something to put in it to give it moisture WITHOUT weighing down his hair,i just received this today, and have put his hair in 2 braids after his bath,so i can only say the smell is AMAZING,the texture feels not too runny,but thick enough,and the size of this bottle was muchhh bigger than i thought to be under $10! Would recommend based on these factors. WILL BE BACK TO UPDATE WITH REVIEW AND PICTURE!

  7. Nicholas Francis

    I love this product. Does wonders on my daughter’s super curly hair!

  8. Yadira

    OMG !!!! I have a two year old girl with curly hair and I have straight hair So I have never had to deal with curls before , my 5 year old boy have my hair so I never sought I’ll have to deal with my husband side of hair before , please help!!!! I’ve tried like 4 different brands And nothing work from shampoos to leave in conditioner to spays – but wow this was the least expensive product and is absolutely the best , this is the fist time I tried and is amazing , pleas buy it is the best , her hair is shiny and her beautiful curls are define and beautiful!!

  9. Jules

    Best product for curls. I’m using this for my almost 2 year old toddler and my 12 year old uses it for her hair. She absolutely loves it. It add shine to both of their hairs, defines their curls and it stops their curls from getting tangled up. They both have a lot and very thick hair. I could not use this on my hair it’s very thin so it would make it look greasy.

  10. Auria

    I am always nervous about putting products in my babies hair as the best thing you can do for babies is oil, wash, comb and let it be. But my daughter’s hair gets sooooo dry so i had to try something and i am happy so far. 1st use and it did what i wanted. My daughter is 9months old and pretty sensitive so i’m still waiting to see how she reacts but so far its great and smell amazing! There is no white residue either and even after the product dried in her hair, her curls are still soft, moist and defined.

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Kids Hair Serum For Protecting Hair Smoothing And Moisturizing And Care Scalp

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