2022 Amazon Bestsellers wig detangler spray review

2022 Amazon Bestsellers wig detangler spray review

Many people like to use wigs, but many people will have troubles, such as: how to maintain the wig, and correctly open the wig winding problem. Cantikcosmetic discusses how to properly wash a wig, how to properly maintain your expensive wig, how you can detangle your hair if it gets knotted, and the answer: wig detangler spray.

There are many types of wigs, including synthetic wigs, virgin hair, and more. Both synthetic and natural human hair wigs can get tangled. If you use them regularly, these wigs will be damaged to varying degrees, such as hair loss, frizz, dry frizz, knots, etc. The best way to face this crazy problem is to use wig detangler spray.

Some people think that expensive natural human wigs will not tangle, but this is wrong. Why so sure? If we have long hair, tangles will inevitably occur in the hair, not to mention that these hairs have been cut from human hair and the hair has lost its source of nutrition, so it is normal to have tangles.

Cantikcosmetic created this blog on how to groom and detangle wigs reason.

There are many reasons for wigs to get tangled, which are inevitable no matter what, we summarize the following points:

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Inferior wig

There is no doubt that the quality of the raw materials of synthetic hair is very important, not only for wigs, in any industry, only the quality is good enough, the products produced can be popular, usually synthetic wigs produced from low-quality raw materials will be easier and more affordable. Knot more frequently.

Natural human hair wigs can also be knotted because it has detached from the human scalp and lacks the delivery of nutrients, and it is normal to become dry and tangled.

Lack of proper maintenance methods

All wigs should use shampoo and conditioner to clean and maintain the hair after wearing it for a period of time and place the wig away from heat and direct sunlight.

Hair oil

The natural oils produced by the scalp provide nourishment to the hair, keeping it soft and smooth without drying out. Wigs are unable to produce natural oils and can dry out over time as friction creates static and eventually tangle. Cantik recommends using a conditioner after every use of the wig.

Chemical damage

Some people like to chemically treat their wigs, such as heat setting, changing the shape and color of the wig at will, so that the more you use it, the more damage the wig will suffer, which will increase tangles.

Wig storage

After wearing it during the day, you can take off the wig carefully at night, you should put it on the wig stand, spray a little wig detangler spray, and comb the wig lightly with a comb, then cover it with a mesh cover. Put the wig in a well-ventilated room.

Not recommended

Don’t sleep with a wig on, or you’ll wake up the next day and see the wig out of control, and secondly, your scalp won’t be able to breathe.

Don’t swim with a wig.

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You’ll need a comb and wig detangler spray, no doubt.

Use a wig stand

The wig holder keeps the wig in shape and reduces tangles, and putting the wig on the wig holder makes it easier to comb.

Be careful

Wigs are not like our own hair, they are more fragile and delicate than real hair, so we need to comb them more slowly and gently.

started from the bottom

It is best to comb the wig from the bottom up. Doing so reduces breakage and tangles.

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Minimize tangles

The most common tangle of hair is in the lower part of the hair, because the temperature is high in summer, the wig will rub against the neckline of the clothes, and it is easy to get tangled.

So spray the wig with wig detangler spray, then comb the wig with a comb, which will make it easier to detangle the wig.

Use natural shampoo

Washing your wig with a natural sulfate-free shampoo is a great option, as artificially added ingredients can make wigs brittle, stiff, and lose their softness.

Minimize styling

However, styling the wig on vacation, and often customizing the wig can also cause damage to the wig, you should use wig detangler spray after cleaning the wig.


If your wig has become damaged due to prolonged use, and wig detangler spray can’t help you to detangle it, don’t hesitate, it’s time to replace the wig.

Final thoughts

The wig detangler spray is very effective for wig tangles, but it can’t reduce the daily maintenance of the wig it.