Private Brand Lace Wig Gel Remover, OEM/ODM

We have previously discussed wearing wigs here in our blog section.

Nowadays, wigs are a very useful alternative for those who have hair loss problems. But in recent years they have also become a quick and easy way to change your look every day. However, as you surely know, wigs are not something we have invented. Already civilizations such as the Egyptians, the Romans and the Greeks used wigs.

And not only because of baldness problems or medical treatments, but also big stars like Kim Kardashian have started using them on a regular basis. A few months ago the actress dyed herself blonde and for various reasons she soon after she changed her look again thanks to a brunette wig. In this way, we can see how wearing a wig has now become something natural, such as wearing artificial eyelashes. A trend among those who like to constantly change their appearance.

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So, whether it’s because one day you want to surprise everyone with a radical change or because you want to make sure that your hair color will match your skin tone before dyeing, the best option is to stop by a wig shop and try on several . In this way, you can change your look whenever you want quickly and easily.

All good up to that point, but have you ever thought about how you would remove your wig that you previously glued to your head?

It is totally dangerous to remove it without the necessary care, that is why Cantik Cosmetics has developed the Adhesive Lace Glue Remover For Lace Wigs And Wig Systems Lace Glue Remover to be able to remove your wig safely and taking care of your skin as it should be

The remover formula does not contain corrosive chemicals for the scalp, it is easy to use and dissolves the glue in less than a minute, you just have to apply it and let it work!

  • This adhesive wig remover can dissolve glue from hair quickly to remove it cleanly, while it is gentle on your skin and hair and also rehydrates the scalp.
  • Our oil-based quick remover is perfect for sensitive scalps and will make your hair extensions stick without pulling or damage. It adopts a safe and gentle formula, specifically designed for lace wig glue removal, which is safe to apply.
  • One minute reaction time to remove adhesives and links.
  • Effectively dissolve the adhesive bond, remove the lace wig effortlessly, will not make you feel pain.

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More details.

  1. This wig adhesive remover has a safe and gentle formula, it is very gentle on the skin. It is gentle to use on your hair for safe and easy removal of adhesive glue from lace wigs.
  2. To use our extension remover, start by spraying a generous amount of the adhesive remover directly onto the tabs of the tape. Let the hair glue remover sit for a few minutes. Use your fingers to gently separate the extension hairpieces. Once all hair or regular weft extensions are removed, shampoo both your hair and extensions 1-2 times to remove any solvent residue.

We understand how important it is to ensure that your glue in extensions stays in good condition. Unlike other alcohol hair removers, our hair extension remover spray will not make your hair frizzy, dry or burned. Our hair extension remover is great for use with tape on hair extensions, tape extensions glue.